May 2, 2009

India needs leaders and no dealers.....

I hate politics,I hate politicians,I hate writing about them,I hated
studying about civics & economics.I know it's important to know it all if
you're a part of democracy like India,but I don't understand a word I read about politics.
So this is my first post about POLITICS,and perhaps the last too[Till the next election :)]


It was the election date.Most of the people were bent upon awakening the other to vote and the businessmen were busy persuading everyone to vote by huge discount offers on showing the famous black spot - the proof that they had voted. Even the radio jockeys at various radio stations were doing the same job.

As far as I was concerned,it was not like a "normal" holiday-a sunday.It was the festical of politics,where I had to do something so important and that too for the first time in my life.---- VOTE!! .... and then show off that black dot proudly to everyone around.

I had not received my election card,but my dad assured me that I would be allowed to vote on showing my identity & residence proof.I was not very keen on voting,but those vote campaigns had awakened the enthusiastic voter in me !! :D

A friend told me that the candidates bribed certain class of people to vote for them and the money[Read : bribe/black money] those people earned was lakhs of rupees.

I was shocked.I was feeling so helpless.I was far too innocent to imagine such things were actually happening.I thought if these people applied a bit of their business mind to constructive activities,for the welfare of the people;the future of India would be so much better than expected. But these corrupt people,who keep running after money all the time;the unethical politicians;the immoral citizens-----all these things and lot more has weakened India.I feel so sorry that I don't have enough authority & courage to fight against all this.

How I wish I could undertake a sting operation,catch the politicians red-handed when they're bribing people and those sick DISGUSTING citizens of INDIA who actually accept the bribe and happily enjoy partying with that dishonest earning.

Horrible,isn't it?
It hurts me more than anything ever.To be honest,I'm not the "perfect patriot" kind of a girl,but I'm surely concerned for my country & its future.It's my moral responsibility for the sake of humanity-not only for India but for any DEMOCRATIC country as a bonafide citizen of that particular country.

Anyways,all these are mere talks and talks don't help.I know I cannot reveal the names of people involved in all this,but I surely wish I can do something.

I wish I can catch each one of them,get them arrested and drag them to the court. I know it very well that even if I reveal those names,people will question me regarding evidences,which I'm not going to have.

Anyways forget it.Talk & forget-Thats all I can do.I'm such an ordinary citizen-another common man who cannot do anything inspite of being the witness to all the injustice and a victim of corruption.[Courtesy: movie -Wednesday].I don't have any other option.I cannot call the police and tell them 'cause you never know even they might be involved[Sorry - to all the genuine policemen out there,if at all anyone is reading].

Okay,now coming back to my first vote....

The centre was not at all crowded.The people posted with the job of handling the voting procedures were literally sitting idle,whiling away time,cracking jokes,laughing at the silliest jokes and gossiping.


What a situation!!

They were cracking jokes on the blue ink which turned black[which was used for applying the black spot.]--- "This can be used as a dye to colour the hair black". Thats what I heard.

Huh!!I guess this was the poorest joke I have heard in my life,but I completely sympathize with them.

That was the scene at the polling centres.

Scene at home :-

Everyone was busy watching poll news about the poll percentage and few glimpses of IPL.

I swear,I'm so not interested in cricket.IPL makes me sick! and on the top of it all,IPL is the "current event" thing.Status messages on all social networking sites,applications on all social networking sites,blogs,newspapers,tv channels,college conversations,bets,celebrity crushes,messenger chats,messenger status messages--------EVERY second thing is about IPL-Mumbai something,Delhi something....God knows what are those names.

Anyways coming back to elections...

The news channels had got a new topic apart from IPL.

"Aaj Mumbai ne kiya niraash....."

"Only 46.63% people voted at Mumbai......."

Then,the celebritiessssssss-----

"John Abraham,Sonam Kapoor,Amrita Rao,Abhishek Bacchan,Aishwarya Bacchan,Jaya Bacchan,Amitabh Bacchan etc etc etc....WENT TO VOTE".

This was the breaking news.

And then The top 10 celebrities who did not vote---

5 in actors,5 in actresses :-

Ajay Devgan,Saif Ali Khan,Akshay Kumar,Salman Khan,Deepika Padukone,Priyanka Chopra,Kareena Kapoor etc. etc. --I don't remember the names.Please excuse me.--These people did not vote.Inspite of being a part of the inspiring advertisement to make people vote,these stupid celebrities did not vote.
It was so damn irritating.News channels are sooooooo irritating.....
Moreover,In Mumbai they applied that black spot on the middle finger,so in case they have to show the proof that they had voted,they would have to show all the fingers together...Poor Mumbai!! :P

Phew...enough of all this.I shall post more after 5 years!! :P

P.S. :- We give them vote.What do they give us? I'm thankful to this line and the autorickshaw wala who had got this line painted on his autorickshaw.

--------Note: I'm not answerable to anyone,any legislation,any politician,any policeman or any other common man like me.We all know the realities of "INDIA" and we've to accept it,shut out mouth,sit back blindfolded and let everything happen.-------

If you can do anything about the malpractices going on,please consider my support,encouragement and appreciation. :)

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  1. Nice post...True..Politicians do not give back anything to the society other than bad name and lots of scam....We need better "people" to be ministers...

  2. black dot on middle finger ??!!

    and those celebs made into news even if they didn't it even news..!!

  3. @ Shantaram Shenoy K :-


    @ Aparna :-

    Yaaaaa......BLACK DOT ON MIDDLE FINGER....eeeeks

    Anything which the celebrities do/don't is all BREAKING NEWS!


  4. ink used as a hair dye good
    what a joke?
    and i also saw the black dot on the middle finger and some of them shows all the finger
    but some shows the vulgarity in that
    by showing only that finger
    and news channels are shpowing all craps
    because its their work and for all this they get money.

    nice post disha
    i liked it very much

  5. nice write up Friend...the heart of the young Indian....!!!

  6. Bohattt aaacha. i couldnt vote because i had lost my Identity card only few days before election :( but i urged everyone i could, and i did went to the polling station but she wouldnt let me vote huh!

  7. @ Chirag :-

    Thank you for liking it. :)

    @ Yamini :-

    Thanks a lotttttttt ^_^

    @ Asbah :-

    Thank you so much!!!!!! :)

  8. ah, the heartfelt post! :)

    well written! :)


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