May 2, 2009

Final Moments Together

I stare to the sky gazing at the stars
They look shining brighter than ever before,
Is it that the sky is so clear,
or could it be cos the love is near
on a perfect winter chilly night.

As she and me sit in the snow like sand
And the waves crash the shore
We laugh, we kiss and we talk
With hands in hand together,
drawing pictures on sand

As the night is almost finished,
As along the ocean we walk
As the moon is fading fast
Another day together passes by,
And the time together ends by

Everything around us seems to melt away
faster than the sand in the hand
as night dissolves to the day,
she can see the twinkle in my eyes
As we walk hand in hand,
for one last time, for one last day


  1. so romantically written

    its one of the moments i've always longed for....moonlit beach, splashing waves, long talks and a loved one near

    keep writing ~

  2. thank you aparna, my 1st post here. glad to see you liked it.

    this has been my ultimate fantasy too :). add music to it and its just magical.

  3. wow.....the most romantic writeup that i read in the recent times...!!!

    beautiful friend..!!!

    keep writing..!!!

  4. heyyyyyyyyyy Sam.. so good to see you here.. :D I am sure you will enjoy your stay..welcome to the family..

    p.s. will come back to read the poem again..:)

  5. thank u yamini :)

    there is a tinge of sadness in the post,if u read the poem carefully :)

    its the last time together :)

  6. thank you kajal for the invite n i feel great to be part of the WL :) hope to be active here :)

  7. Welcome to the lounge Sam.

    romantic souls are the most loved loungers, so urs was indeed a fitting first one!

    Keep writing!

  8. thats a remarkable start!
    very well written sam!

  9. i dont like the last times :(

    beautiful poem sam... i hope and pray that it remains like that forever. amen

  10. one of the most romantic! :)

    nice read!

  11. thanks leo, this is a good start for me :)

  12. Me here brother.... nice post.. was awaiting your first since a long tym...! But finally u did....and with excellence.

    Good man..keep rytng... :)

  13. why for the last time.. :( so unfair!!

  14. the last time has its own charm Kajal, its own magic, a moment of lifetime to cherish, something which would never return!!

  15. thank u nik :) did u follow my blog ?

  16. Welcome to WL Sam! :)

    nicely written opening post! :)


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