May 3, 2009

He Gave Me A PearL !

It looks like the clouds of sadness is following me,It looks the blues just like me..It looks like the darkness is embracing me..It looks like the moon is laughing at me..It looks like the butterflies no more love me..It looks like the stars doesn't shine on me..There is no shimmer left in me ..The universe looks serene to me..It looks like angels have forgotten me..It looks like god is angry with me..

I asked love for eternity, He said love is my dear, mere mortality ! I delve into my heart for the delusion, ignited love..Now it makes me laugh when i write it all and burn it off !! I sit at the shore, turning my pain into tear ! There came a pretty boy gave me a pearl, cry no more my girl, i'm here ! He gazed into my eyes, I lost at hiz gaze, I got scared, i felt i was deep inside the sea .. I realised he was not my boy , he was an Angel !

He carassed me with his tender fingers, i shivered.. He took me in his arms..I know his heart is filled with love,I know he is immortal, He was shining like a pearl.. He showed me the unseen happiness.. He showed me the heaven..He gently kissed on my lips .. It is not a kiss my darling, for me, it is a bliss.. Now everything looks beautiful to me..

Everything looks worth living..I know the moon is happy for me, Butterflies loves me .. The clouds follow me, coz i love rain .. The angels 've not forgotten me, Coz they sent an Angel for me ! To wipe away my tears, to wash away my fears ..The stars now shine on me..He says they are my gifts to you my beloved, for our wedding..

Someone still embraces me at the dark, But now its not the darkness, its my angel ! No more lonesome nights, No more dim lights .. I know god wasn't angry on me, he was showering his blessings on me all the time..He is my king, i'm his queen, we fly away to the land of heavens..we live happily ever after..

I never want to open my eyes, I want to live the dream..Don't envy my happiness my dear, for you will someday find your Angel !!

The fantasy is lunatic, but i still love it !

PS: Missin WL Bigtime.. Li'l busy.. Wil b bak soon.. Miss u guyz..


  1. have a great time with ur angel!

    lucky u r u found ur angel

    find for me too soon!

  2. good one:)
    the high of that feeling well known:)

  3. very well written!
    I wud also like to compliment ur selection of pic blossomblue!
    the choice is always awesome1

  4. @Appu
    Thanx dear.. I luv angels a lot..Very much fond of 'em.. :)
    Thanx fr commentin .. May u get ur angel soon :p

  5. @Comfy
    Thanx a ton dear :)

  6. @Pulkit
    Thanx dear.. :)
    Yea m very much concerned abt d pic.. It shud display wat exactly i wanna say..

  7. yep! nice read!
    be back soon Blossomblue! :)

  8. @Leo
    Thanx dear :)
    Sure wil b bak soon !


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