May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Angel

It’s a day to rejoice
Rejoice through your heart
Heart of mine prays for you
You and I shall never part

Part of me, for will always be you
You that our my pillar
Pillar of strength and support
Support which shall never cease

Cease, also shall never the love
Love that bonded us so far
Far from all the evil of world
World in which u shine as a star

Star bright life I wish u today
Today the blessings shall shower
Shower of love and affection
Affection of all like a blossoming flower

Flower’s fragrance shall brighten your day
Day that marked the birth of my angel
Angel, you are very special to me
Me that wishes you from the bottom of my heart


Bhaiya ( for some **The Silent Soul** n for others Nik) wishing you the very best in life...i dont' know how is the poem as it was something written in utmost haste and i love rash for helping me out with credit goes to her too....but God bless you sweet heart and may you be always happy..... i pray that not even a drop of tear should fall from your eyes and even if it does...the one whom you love the most should catch that pearl as for me that pearl is as precious as you are....Luv you svthrt and no matter how much i fight wid you and no matter what i say to you remember always that this kid loves you from the bottom of her sweety...Have a Rocking Birthday...



    may all you rwishes come true

    sweet poem shwetha!

  2. Ab kya kahoon yahan?

    Many many happy returns of the day..

    Shwe, thanks of sharing it :)

  3. Happy Birthday Nik
    Wish you a great birthday ahead and may all your wishes come true
    and a great poem and great wishes :)

  4. THANK YOU GUYS! wat else can i say ....

  5. yipeeee i have this huge dumb smile on my face that is from ear to er n i it refuses to leave me...happy bday bhaiya...

  6. @hashan and cn

    Thanks a lot guys... bless me!! bless me a lot!!!! :P

  7. Many happy returns of da day, bro!

    njoy urself! hav a gr8 year ahead! :)

  8. have a gr8 day! and a rockin year ahead

  9. @mav

    Thanks a lot bro...

    Thank you pulkit

  10. appy burday nikkie :P :D

    gope all ur drims kum tru! :)


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