May 9, 2009

Together from the Womb! :)

From the womb we are connected,
That is where we stem from,
Ever since then,
Together we have been throwing a tantrum!

He pushes me,
I throw on him my toys,
He hates me,
And I hate these boys!

He is ill,
And I cannot sleep,
Didn't I tell you I hate him,
Then why do I weep?

That is how we are,
Just the way you are,
Every leaf is our sibling,
And the roots, the womb!

We take birth, live together,
If any one of us dies,
We mourn the loss together.
We protect each other, we protect you,
From sun, from rain,
No matter what we go through!

We fight, we crib, we rant,
Together we live, we plan,
To be happy, to grow each day,
To learn the life's lessons,
The lessons our way! :)
P.S.: This poem has been cross posted from my blog - PRAGMATIC UTOPIA.


  1. aww....that's so sweet...mis my sis noe

  2. @ Freelancer,

    Aww... go and give your sis a hug! Fast!

    And I'm glad you liked it! :)

  3. Yeah...made me to think about my sis too...
    YOu know what the funny thing is...My sister's name is aarthi...
    Good read...havent read love between sibilings in a poem for a long time..

  4. I'm very close to my siblings but lately my bro and I very having the usual bro-sis fights. You made me miss him! :) Guess I might patch things up :) Thanks..

  5. i have read this.. :D and i read it again... loved it!! :D


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