May 9, 2009

My spritual jagran-3 !!

part 1
part 2

It was me Hashan Hazarika and that was my first day in IIT, Guwahati Ashram. Monk no.2001RNSB11
That was the beginning.From that day onwards,for next 2 months,the sage flanked by a few other holy souls used to pay a regular visit to my hostel room.Soon I realised that these visits were better known as "Ragging" among common people.And for some inexplicable reasons,I was doing a 'crow dance'(Remember 'Jise dhundta hoon main' from 'Dil chahta hein') at 3 in the night.
I was gradually blossoming into a multi-tasking robot--from a 'vodka'delivery boy,Marijuana joints maker to a 'shameless proposing machine',from being a midnight entertainer to a smiling boxing bag,from an ever reliable 'assignment' copier to a 'censored' story own talents amazed me..

to be continued.....


  1. lol...happens in IIT
    btw yu assamese???

  2. haha! I've escaped all kinds of ragging till date. Sounds like fun though (if it is in its limits)!

    @freelancer: Hashan dada is assamese!

  3. You are getting better with each new edition. Hope you continue with this...

  4. Ragging...seems every where is the same...Happens the same in my med coll too....
    never in my wildest dreams thought your series was about ragging...

  5. This twist is awesome! Btw reality?

  6. @ freelancer

    As Bhargav already said,Moi Assamese ;) Tumi Assamese niki?

    @ Bhargav
    yes buddy if it is in limit it is fun :)

  7. @ Tan

    Thank you Tan :) will try my best :))

  8. @Arun suspense achcha laga na??
    Thanks anyways :D

    @ Ms R

    Thank you Ms R..hahaha thats a secret :))

  9. from second post i thot it was abt ragging but wante to see the suspense unfold ... :)


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