May 2, 2009

The Station Phobia

She reached the Old Delhi Railway Station. Her brother had just parked the car, and she waited for the moment to sink in. Her train was scheduled for 9:30 pm. She checked the watch it was 8:55. More than 35 minutes were left (keeping in mind the train would never leave on time) for her before she would leave for her destination. She would soon be in a place she detested the most – a railway station.

After the coaxing from her brother, she left the car n preceded towards the station. One of the coolis fell on her trying to convince her that her luggage was too heavy n a girl like her could never manage up to the platform. That little brush up worsened her nerves that she had built on her way to the station.

On the entrance of the station she waited at a side till her brother got the platform ticket for himself. She stood their analysing the world of the station. So many people were lying down on the ground, some eating, some sleeping and others busy in other errands. They were at same ease as she felt at home. She felt a pang of uneasiness creep into her. The same questions arose in her mind as they always did. How did they manage? How did they live? Was this city so small that they have to take refuge here? Before she could sigh more, her brother comes in and tells her to proceed towards platform number 1A (Sigh! It’s the farthest platform). She moves within the small gaps that can acknowledge her small feet. She climbs the stairs with small steps as if afraid of what lay ahead. Her brother reminds her its 9:10 and she will be late. Her steps quicken towards her destination she is least interested to reach. Her heart beats escalate steadily as she reads the sign of platform no.3. Two more to go....platform more to go...platform no.1. She felt as if her world had come to a standstill. But her brother tells her 1A is a bit further. She finally reaches and she checks the time. Its 9:15. 15more minutes of torture.

As she reaches the platform she hurries to check her birth no. After settling her luggage in the train she climbs down to the platform. It’s just 9:20. She couldn’t believe the time passed so slowly. She sat on a chair near-by. Her brother had gone to get water for her. She saw people hurrying towards the train as if it would vanish the next second. They shoved each other as if every other person was a piece of furniture. She hated it.

That’s when she saw someone waving goodbye to their beloved. The terror returned. She felt dizzy as the past memories flashed in her mind. The fear of losing people she loved reappeared. She wouldn’t see any of them again. This would be her last goodbye. This journey would take her away from everything she loved. Her parents, her siblings, her friends – she would lose them all. All the familiar faces appeared, waved at her and disappeared into her helplessness. She wanted to cling onto one of them but she couldn’t. Tears overwhelmed her eyes and she thought she would faint any second.

No sooner her brother shook her vigorously, its 9:30 what you doing dumb head. U ‘ll miss ur train dear. He saw tears in her eyes but didn’t know what caused them. Seeing his confusion she took the bottle from his hand and climbed the train. He kissed her cheeks, wished her luck for the journey and waved her goodbye. The train had started to move steadily. It was already 9:35. And she could see her brothers face drift away with distance as the train gained momentum. She stood their waving till she couldn’t see him anymore...she had lost him...that was all she felt....

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  1. going away from fsmily is the hardest thing ever

    i suffer the safe whenever i have to go back to my hostel so far from home

    keep writing ~

  2. @aps...

    so i agree hardest thing ever is leaving the ones i agree...

  3. i can understand, the pain of going away!! beautiful shweta!

    :) way to go!

  4. hey, now this was a different post! and yeah i agree with aps, that leaving family is quite difficult :)

  5. it's so tough to leave your whole life behind n move to a different place...sighs:(

  6. awweeeee .. i would never wish to go away from family..:(


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