May 11, 2009

Fight is on!

Stung by constant discouragement
Consumed by utter resentment

Magnified are my noble failures

By those self - nominated stellars

Impregnated is my mind with pessimism

Preyed I am by stoicism

Slave to bursts of jealousy

Made susceptible to my fallacy

My insides cry of injustice done

From these cowards would I not run

My self esteem singed
From the mental torture I cringe

No more this trauma, would I swallow

Which has left me so hollow

I burn this cruelty on pyre
Allow the hurt with the smoke, disappear

Shadows of doubts now devoured

I break free from that invisible cord
I am the warrior, I am the sword!!


  1. wow...seems like a war cry....
    great read mate....

  2. @ Arun,
    Yes a was cry against those who try to put me down, demean me thereby cutting into my self esteem. It is to rise against all odds..

  3. the bugle sounded...let's get in to the battle now:)

  4. Hey guys,

    Is this post funny, i was serious when I wrote it, honestly ;)

  5. no..i didn't think it was funny...actually the post sounded furious...

  6. so apt fr me !! i guess i needed to read such a strong write :) than ks !! it was well put :)

  7. Strong words....wonderfully expressed....full of emotions brimming wid passion as it should be.....Here's wishin u luck wid ur battle, Sheena! :)

    luvd da poem!

  8. this reminded me of something I had written long back..!! it was amazing!! strong.. I love this flavor of poems the late.. :)


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