May 11, 2009

Smile Valley High

I know this is my 3rd post for the day but i got some ideas so im writing. And besides the second epi was so small. So here's my 3rd one!


"Well Stella come and sit here" Justin signaled and spoke boringly like he was just not interested.

"Thanks Justin!" I said returning the mood.

Then the teacher began the lesson. Suddenly the teacher asked a question to Stella.

"Im sure she wont know the answer" Justin mumbled

"Mam....." Stella answered

"Thats rite Ms.Stella! Good!"The teacher said looking pleased

"How can it be? She cant be intelligent! She cant!" Justin began mumbling furiously and loud.

"Who cant be what Mr. Justin?" the teacher asked.

"Sorry sir!" He said.

The class ended so Justin told Stella "I'll show you around later!"

"Okay!" she replied helplessly.


"Angela we have tryouts this noon!" Ms fuler shouted behind me as i was racing to the corridor.

"Okay mam!" I screamed as loud as possible.

I was running blindly and i stumbled over a boys feet. We both fell down and his papers scattered all over. I looked up at him. Those chocolate brown eyes made me faint. They pierced me deeply. He looked at my grayish blue eyes and smiled at me.

"Im so sorry" I said to him

"Its ok! Im Josh! And you are?" he said

"Im Melissa! Youre a new comer right?" i asked

"Yes i am. I was collecting the papers for the basketball team!" He said smiling

"Oh! I can show you around if you like!" melissa said

"Oh sure that'd be lovely!" Josh replied grinning


Angela was walking in the corridor thinking about making new friends when someone said Hi!

"Hi angela" Ben said

"Hi ben!" she replied softly smiling

"Um...After everything i was thinking if we could at least be just friends!" he asked her excitingly

"Uh..Sure Ben!" i replied.

"Thats like my angela" he said laughing and holding my hand.

"I have brought a charm bracelet for you!" he said putting a lovely and pretty bracelet on my wrist. It was silver and had charms on it.

"Thanks so much Ben!" Melissa said smiling

"Its a symbol of our friendship." he said!

"Come on lets go to Drama now!" Melissa said dragging him happily!


  1. I think u've confused the names Angela and Melissa...
    jus look into it...

  2. anyways good goin...
    plot is getting interesting... :-)

    n are these segments still diary entries..??

  3. @Arun Kumar: Hmmm...i had done b4! Stella is a new comer!

  4. Oops i messed it! Sorry i'll correct it

  5. did u correct it ?? coz its still messed i think ... but written well :)

  6. sorry sonshu...i guess i require a lot of time to read that...busy with my studies, and the series for my blog too...but i promise i'll be readin' it...keep on writin'...ll read it withouht breaks :D

  7. Prats i made the change in episode 2 where i made melissa a captain too. She was the cheerleader of a different team


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