May 11, 2009

The Air and Me ... !!!

As soon as I got outta the examination hall, this is what came in my mind. hehehe!

I write in the air,

your name with my name,

the feelings I never told you,

the pain my unspoken feelings give,

the longing of my waiting,

the cravings of my unexplored desires,

all my prayers to blow away your troubles.

I write in the air,

all my hopes I hope.

The love letters I never wrote to you;

hoping, that one day,

this air may deliver them to you.

I paint in the air,

the smiles I don’t smile anymore,

the palace we once dreamed to have,

the heavenly garden of our imaginations,

the pictures of our unmade memories,

the colours I don’t possess anymore;

hoping, that one day,

the rainbows may colour my canvas.

I whisper in the air,

the confessions of my truths,

the silent cries of my nights,

the lyrics of my love poems,

written for you,

the confessions of my truths,

hoping, that one day,

you may hear them in howling winds.

I plant in the air,

the roses of my all seasons love;

hoping, that one season,

you may come back, following,

the scent of my untouched love.


  1. very romantic ...loved it...hope he returns to u...

    n this is what came into ur mind after the exam...i can imagine how u wrote it :-)

  2. Hey Buddy,

    This was fantastic... Just loved it, loved the way you have weaved the words..

    Love and nature hand in hand....

  3. hope is a gud thing n it nvr dies:)
    beautiful stuff, romantic lines:)
    nice exam u must hv had I suppose:D

  4. was the subject lovology ??? jokes apart .. this was another gem on lounge !! a romantic to the core !! nice read :)

  5. i talk to the air...
    beautiful use of language :)

    inspired by ur poem,the mushy gurl in me strikes again--
    "I'll trade, give away all the words, that I saved in my heart, that I left unspoken"

    Oh god!I never knew I had a romantic bone too...thanks WL for maiking me discover that!
    a very beautiful read HKB...

  6. enjoyed it....lovely and nice use of evocative language...
    I have written a short on similar topic why don't you read may like it....

  7. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. *Blushes* ... It was strange how it came in my mind so suddenly so I just quickly wrote it down before it could fade away.

    @ Rose- We all have a romantic bone in us(however, I think I have more than one :P) ... We just need to discover that and I'm glad you discovered it :)

    @ Dreamer- I'm just going to visit your's :)

  8. WOW!! that was an amazing write.. :) I loved reading this one..


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