April 7, 2009

Twist in Mama's secret muse

pre-script: Mama's secret muse

Me: So Howz your cheek??
Ste: Rocks man !!
Me: I know...my sources tell me that: D
Ste: hahaha.
Me: Take good care dost
Ste: haha..ya ya.. She’s coming to Mumbai in may..
Me: what? What are you talking about?
Ste: You were asking about my chick right? My gal?
Me: No man.. I was talking about your right cheek, your face.. I heard you got a tight one from your Dad yesterday... for chatting late night in gmail.
Ste: Oh..feeling better... applying ice on it.


  1. hehehhee... this ws really good!


  2. hehehhee... this ws really good!


  3. lol lol..Nice intrepretation of it hashan ....Ste always thinks about "Chicks" ....lol :D

  4. Opppssss...OMG..this is toooo gUd..
    Chick se cheeek tak..:D

  5. hehhehe :P

    cheeky one hashan :D

    subber :D


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