April 7, 2009

Manoranjan Ka Baap!

Pre- Script: Ste is sipping masala tea at the chaiwala bang opposite his “takemytrip.com” office. A car stops bang in front of him

Stranger: Could you please guide me to the office of “takemytrip.com”?
Ste: Ofcourse. Go straight. Take a left. Take the first right after the fountain. Keep going straight. Once you reach “Lovers point” park, anyone can guide you to the office. It’s bang opposite the park.
Stranger: Thanks a ton
Ste: My pleasure
*Car zips away*
Chaiwala: Saab, yeh to aapka hi office hain. Aisa kyun kiya?
Ste: Ha ha. Apne baap ka kya jaata hain. He he he.
*Back at the office*
HR: Sir, this is Ste. Ste, meet our new MD.
*Gulps. The new MD turns out to be the same stranger*
MD: Meet me in the office *Leaves*
Ste: Baap re Baap!


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