April 12, 2009


Flirting with sorrow,
Sorrow like a friend,
Friend who gave pain,
Pain that never did end.

End of a rocky road,
Road of love so dear,
Dear so much to my heart,
Heart of hers seemed so near.

Near were her eyes,
Eyes that charmed me so,
So pretty was her smile,
Smile from her heart it did show.

Show my love I did once,
Once when she was forlorn,
Forlorn for some reason I knew not,
Not for one moment was she alone.

Alone I became soon,
Soon she forgot that day,
Day did come when she told,
Told me to go forever away.

Away from her little life,
Life that meant to me so much,
Much of my joy she took away,
Away my dreams with her such.

Such is the pain she gifted,
Gifted to me to forever keep,
Keep in my heart now and forever,
Forever she told me to weep.

Weep I shall not, for I did not lose,
Lose she did my caring heart,
Heart that did once for only her beat,
Beat with joy from the very start.

Start I shall, a new better life,
Life that I shall lead in my way,
Way I shall go, that I once did dream,
Dream that still with me does play.

Play with danger I shall again,
Again in my heart burns the fire,
Fire that always does push me ahead,
Ahead is the life I did once desire.


The form of poetry is Loop Poetry.
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  1. Amazing!
    What more do I say?!!
    Seems like someone is bent upon showering wonderful nuggets of poetry since morning:)

  2. u knw leo ur words have magic...i mean hw do u write...reading u everytime is so rewarding...as for dis poem...needless to say dat it was beautiful...

  3. @mohita,
    yeah i know...! that person is you! :)

    two since morning! and one yesterday also i think! :)

  4. @tweety,
    thanks! :) glad u liked it shwe! :)

  5. MAgic is in you..
    You are the magic..
    Magic of a heart of gold..
    Gold is what you pen down..

    OUTSTANDING POEM..simply loved it..

    I m impressed..And I to wana write smthng like ths fr sure..

    Inspired to write..:)

  6. @chaarz,
    thank u..! for those beautiful lines! :) am honored!

  7. Awesome is your write'
    write that worths a pride
    pride of being blessed
    blessed is your sacred mind

    That is it!

    p.s: love this very style of poetry!

  8. @uzra,

    loved the words! :)
    thank u!

    @uzra, charz...
    when u r attempting, the format of rhyme is ABCB... please do try in the format itself! :) thnaks! :)

  9. Amazing style of poetry..loved it..will surely give a try :))

  10. @ leo..thanks fr tellin me dat..
    Wud surely attempt smthng very soon n show you..:)

  11. loved this one!
    have already followed u at ur blog...
    gr8 job!

  12. @chaarz,
    waiting for ur piece! :)

  13. wow...awesome concept of poetry....!!

    Liked it very much....
    keep posting more... :)

  14. kya baat hain vinay ...too good bro....but why did u put the pic in the end...guess me not used to seeing tht ...but this made for a nice read....Poems define U mann ..seriously....

  15. @anurag,
    hmm..! i usually put the pic at the end! :)


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