April 27, 2009


Living to meet you once
once in the reality of my love
love that i felt in my dreams
Dreams that i wish to love now

Now i feel alone
alone in the world
world that seemed best before
before i know you in the Dream world

World, i may leave one day
Day, before i get to see you, if it is
is the fear i am living in dear
dear, my soul, will it rest in peace

Peace you shall bring to my life
Life long i await for it to find
Find the love, find you and then
then, both of us together i wish to bind...!!!


  1. I m all starry-eyed in a dreamland. Shueet! :)

  2. i second Ms. R,
    i liked it better than the other one! :)

    keep penning yammi! :)
    u r gettin better n better! :)

  3. @Vinay

    thanks dear...i hope one day..i make it perfect..!!!

  4. Thsi is so much good !!! loved reading this ... m itching to write one too !!

  5. @Pretty Me

    thanks yaar....ooking forward to read yours...!!!

  6. lovely!! :D loop rocks and your attempt of it too!

  7. first piece by you too, that i read!
    another loop poem, hmm! good one :)

    I will try my hands on it soon too i guess ;)

    and you my dear, are no wonder a valuable addition to the lounge. welcome in :) (although this may be a little late :P)

  8. @.a.

    thanks yaar...looking fwd to read yours..!!!

    happy writing.!!!


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