April 27, 2009

Sumthing Like Life

"I wish I could go back and live my life again"
"Why do you wish so?"
"I am not happy with where I have landed with life...I have made many mistakes...done many wrongs."
"So, you wish to undo the wrongs?"
"I wish to unmake those mistakes"
"Tell me...did you make those mistakes unknowingly?"
"No...I made most of them knowing very well that they were the wrong things to do."
"What if you make new ones, then? Don't you think it would be better to start afresh from wherever you stand now?"
"Probably...but what about the mess that is already my life?"
"Promise yourself to do the right things from now...nurture your life with love and care...the mess will be unmade, the wounds will heal, they always do."
"But the scars will remain. won't they?"
"The scars will be reminders of the dark times...do not wish to remove them, let them be and carry them with yourself...they will be your strength as well."

And then he woke up from his reverie...as the memories of the conversation came back to him he wondered if it was real. Comitting a mistake again, he lit a cigarette and went out in the dark on an aimless walk.....as whirls of smoke filled his surroundings the strains of an old song came back to him from somewhere afar
"Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhaata Chala Gaya
Har Fiqr ko Dhuuen Mein Udaata Chala Gaya"

P.S---Inspired from here...Just a different take on reactions people have to dreams coz not everyone learns from them.


  1. It's one of those conversations that we have at least once in your lives... :)

  2. I never remember my dreams .. but this conversation !! yes, we do have it atleast once with ourself !! Dunno if i changed or not !!

  3. agar dhooyen mein ud jaati zindagi,
    kisi azeez ki aankho mein chubh jaati zindagi!
    it was a very thoughtful post! :) good going

  4. wah wah at the end!

    it was another philosophical post on lounge! the idea put nicely! and the shair at the end just add to it!

  5. i never thought of something like this...nice write up..!!!

    going back i never thought of....i am fine now...nd think of a better tomorrow...!!!

    with my dreams and my goal i wish to see the tomorow soon than think of the past yesterday..!!!

  6. @Ms. R
    yep...we all do, it just depends who interprets it how.

  7. @Pretty Me
    I seem to be having such convyz almost every day:D

  8. @Kajal
    Un aankhon se aansoo jo phir tapakta
    To dil hamara bhi phir ro parta

  9. @Asbah
    thnx dear!!!
    actually those lines at the end are a couplet from an old Hindi movie song.

  10. @Yamini
    as it should be...face the present in the hope of making a bttr tomo...mo point in reliving the past!!!

  11. rote huye dil ki kya sunaayein daastaan,
    naa koi aah nikalti hai na aansu hi behta hai!
    it is not very strong but couldn't stop myself from writing after reading your reply to my comment..

  12. @Kajal
    aansoo kya hai, aankhon mein paani
    rota to dil hai, siskiyon ki zubaani

  13. is dil ki siskiyaan shayad wo dil samajh jata,
    to kisi gam ka fasana paani mein na beh jata

  14. all blame goes to you.. your lines tempt me to come back here and rhyme..:)

  15. Zindagi lari hai gham ke fasaanon ki
    Khushi dil e khyaal hai zamane ko behlaane ki

  16. @Kajal
    likewise...ur replies are inspiring me to come up with these tooti phooti shayaris:D


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