April 3, 2009

Its yours!

Pre script: A guest had come to Raj's place. Raj is a kleptomaniac and a former tenant of the guest. After a scrumptious dinner, he showed the guest around the house

Raj: Do you remember this painting? Like it?
Guest: Not sure.... seems familiar.. Oh its beautiful! Something that I would pick up
Raj: It is yours!
Guest: Oh no.. I can't 
Raj: I mean its yours. I took it from your house when I shifted.
Guest: *stunned* But why would you do that ? ( Raj was pretty rich)
Raj: I loved it. And I was afraid that if I asked you won't give, so I took it. You didn't even notice the loss. Not until I told you.
Guest: *flabbergasted and yet unwilling to antagonize his host* Oh alright! You can keep it
Raj: Do you remember that? *pointing to the sofa set and other things* and that.. and this.. and that thing over the there.. on the top...
Amazed beyond measure,
Guest: Is there anything that is mine that you have used and not taken with you ?
Raj: *wickedly* Your wife!

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