April 3, 2009

GT, PL & MMS !

Pre-script:George Tree and Peas Laden after a singing competition finale

GT : I got such a small medal man !
PL : Hey I am the winner but see my medal is also as small as yours'.
GT : we need to check on this.
PL: hmm..where is MMS by the way ?
GT: MMS? New MMS? Indian?
PL: You dirty mind..I am talking about Man Mohak Singh.
GT : Where is he? I've seen him holding a Bigg medal.
MMS(comes in): Sat shree akal baadshawoo..Ki gaal hai?
PL: Hey chap.. you didn't come in top three..How come you got such a big medal?
MMS: I got it in the 1st round itself for 'stop singing '.



  1. ha ha...the names are really funny...."MMS"... :D

  2. Thank you so much Meena,Nan, Kings, Vitruvian boy , Charu , Kajal

    always love your responses :)

    Whats your name Vitruvian boy?

  3. Man Mohak Singh ne mera mann mohliya...

    And Hennzy, the word is "BADshaho"... not with a 'p'...

    ki korisa eneka? kunubaay bujhi paale digdaari hoi jabo de... hehehe... replace the P with a B .. fast fast!!

  4. Done Tan..thanks..hehehehehe...
    actually wanted give a punjabi flavour using p ..kintu kiba he holgei..so corrected!
    Thank u once again :)))


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