April 3, 2009

Choo Mantar Kaali - II

Pre-Script: Continued from here

Ste: You are so mean! You can show your magic tricks to Mona but not me! Huh!
Sandeep: I don't know any magic daa!!
Ste: Liar! Liar! We all saw you make Mona vanish. But you won't show it to me! Huh!
Sandeep: Ok! Look there. Can you see anything?
Ste: No.
Sandeep: Concentrate. Can you now see something?
Ste: Nothing at all.
Sandeep: Concentrate harder. Right there. Can you now see?
Ste: Gosh! Noooo.
Sandeep: Choo Mantar Kaali *One tight slap*
Ste: Isn't that pluto? The moon...stars....mercury...mars...jupiter. The sun! Wow!

(# Lines: 11)


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