April 23, 2009

Irresistible - 20


  1. it has taken a scary turn!! :D

  2. Tan u write again..so pleased and happy. i love it. why the fear when u love.. just go with the flow.

  3. umm!!!

    nice nice!!

    i want u to check the fib rules

    0-1-1-2-3-5 -8 -13........

    thats fibonacii sequence ...i just wnt u to verify with the counter

    urs shows
    1- 1-2-3-5 -5-3- 2- 1-1

    this isnt fib sequence ...

    correct me if i'm wrong

  4. agree with the nod on the scare!
    But once prats reduced to the fire on a holy bliss... @ 17th episode... who ignited it this way...
    its wild wild now!
    trapping everyone in the tempt of its heat...

  5. That is not right Stephen...
    The Syllable count in my poem goes like: 1,1,2,3,5,8,5,3,2,1,1

    So not compare this with Fibonicci Series, as we cannot write a sentence with Zero words.


  6. Thanks Kajal, Meena, SD, Roshni and Pulkit. Thanks for reading me.

    I was scared a bit about the words usage and the thought in the poem. My wife saw it and asked me why did I write such a poem amidst children here in the Lounge... That was the reason for my fear! Anyways, I'm sure the children in TWL are mature enough to understand the feelings and to reciprocate in the right ways!

    Thanks to all of you for the support!!

    Take your time and do read me at: Thus Wrote Tan!

  7. I'm not very happy that the picture I chose here was removed. I'm sure that the picture was all fine. I decided to put that picture keeping in mind the essence of my poem and needless to say that I have checked the previous posts and have chosen to put that pic. We spent a lot of time to search for the right pic and to edit it carefully before posting. I'm sorry to see that the pic was removed and also not happy that it was not discussed with ME before taking that step. I'm sure a discussion was needed, if not permission.

    I strongly believe that most of the WL members are adults here; and more so, because we are writing such stuff. If we can write it, why can’t we show it? This is ridiculous and a very unwelcomed decision!

    I would like to talk if it is necessary, but then I would be happy to see the picture back as early as possible.

  8. @Tan:
    You are a prized and respected member of the lounge and you deserve an explanation.

    yours is not the only pic that's been removed and we are sure all those who put pics up had put in efforts to search for it and/or edit it.

    the poems are beautiful and each one is a masterpiece at that. but then we are The Writers' Lounge and a lot of readers were getting embarassed opening the page of WL at home. It was not a mistake on anyone's part. We are sure everyone went with the flow. Each image made the next one to hit a higher note but ultimately it became a bit too much.

    We totally understand that you took efforts but lets think of us as a group and let the poems alone shoulder the responsibilty of conveying the message that it is supposed to convey as far as the irresistible series is concerned.

    So even if one pic is left which was over the top the complaint is justified but when all the others were removed, leaving yours would have been unfair.

    and not all the pics of yours have been removed.

    I hope you'll not take it personally and try and understand the seriousness of the matter and take it with an open heart.

    For us Tan is way above all of this. He is an inspiration to many of us in ways more than one.

    I hope you'll understand.

    I am sure you'll agree when I say WL wouldn't wish to cause any sort of misunderstanding as after all We are a Family!!

    (On behalf of WL admin team)

    p.s. Ste Sandeep and Pri have not yet been consulted. But we are seven. The decision was taken by the rest 4 of us.

    p.p.s Ofcourse a discussion would have helped but this couldn't wait for a simple fact that an impression is created in a second.

  9. @ everyone - when I started the tech of FIB poetry... the first post of mine came as "irresistible"... since the format restricted me to write something so short that it could have been continued easily so I posted it as "irresistible - 1"
    its very heart breaking to see the series coming to an abrupt end! and that too at such a strage edge...
    since past 12 - 13 days whenso ever I had joined this WL family! I am trying to work hard regularly for the betterment of this forum! and this series was just another effort from my end...

    just read kajal's recommendation in the shout box to abandon this series for a while!
    well.. have written my usual ( not so popular though... ) THURSDAY THEFTS again! and will now try to come up with 55 FICTION Soon! and would try to do something popular again... an unexplored journey again but not at all like this!

    :( :( :(

    @ tan - sir! totally agree with u on the hardwork put up in continues search of suitable pics for the write up! but I think there had been some due and suitable limitations with the ADMIN team for sake of which they took this decision! my apologies with u since I started this series! :(
    nostalgic posting this...

    @ kajal - hey dear! m with u in whatever decision u people took! I assure u that neither my pics nor the posts were trying to incite the pics that emerged and the problem that came up cos of this!

  10. Dear Kajal / Admins,

    Thanks for the words. I agree with each of the things that you have written above. I have a few concerns:

    1. I do not know (or rather, I do not want to know) whether pictures of others are removed or not. I'm concerned about the picture I put up along with the poem.

    2. I probably went along with my excitement after reading the poems in “Irresistible Series” that invoked me to write such a sensuous poem and post it along with that “appropriately relevant” picture. I take the responsibility of putting up such a poem/picture on WL and I understand that looking at the different people from all age groups present here, we should not be actually putting across such opulent posts. It was my misunderstanding that I thought we can have such posts/pics on the WL... and more so, after seeing other posts that were posted previous to mine (Well, I really am not concerned on the other posts).

    I think it will be unkind to the pic I used, to remove it while keeping the post here. The post here talks about equal sumptuous things; rather, the poem says a lot more than that picture would have had... Hence, I am assured now, that the WL is not a place for such poems too, as it is not a place for such pics...

    If we cannot have these pictures on the WL, then we should not have such posts on WL too, which are equally intense.

    I honor your decision to take off the pics. Going along with that, I'm removing this poem from here too. I'm sure that the poem will find good place in my own blog, where the picture will give it a bit more support.

    Thanks for the insight. I understand the various reasons you gave and I understand the situation too; hence, I agree with your decision.

    Nothing personal!


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