April 23, 2009

Irresistible - 18

(Continued from Prats)



this rare


called you on my lips

A thousand deaths in sheer pleasure

A lifetime lived; you melted at the tip of my lips.

Quenching the thirst of my heartbeats, drenching my soul; the drops of elixir that is you

(P.S. : For the first time ever, I experiment with poetry. Feel free to rip it apart. All yours. I don't know if this one is good enough coz it's my first attempt at poetry. Do let me know and I will go back to the funny brand of "invented in mallu land" brand of poems...he he... *Prats...I finally take note...nod my head...and look on with admiration* )

Thanks Kaju for explaining me the basics and in helping me out. And a million hugs for making me take this up. The humourous devil will strike back :-)

## I blaaaaaag at: yeM Bee yAe


  1. I am so happy you took it up.. :)

    speechlessly looks on with admiration,
    silence could mean a million things,
    & this was MAGIC!!

  2. Beautifully done, didnt expect this from the Sandeep.. very impressed.

  3. glad that you made this lazy soul wake up and write this one...was fun!!

    and speechless ke bacche!! he he he...thanks kaju for all the help n patient hearings of all my doubts with syllables etc. Hum apni ignorance par maafi chahte hain...:-)

  4. hey......roshni...remove "The" from the sandeep! i am glad that you liked it *chest swells with pride*


  5. aapka ignorance?? :O jahaan aapka ignorance khatam hota hai wahaan se mera shuru hota hai.. :P

    wo to thoda bahut fib attempt kar liya..warna meri kya aukaat hai ki aapko main kuchh sikhaaun :)

  6. Read it on your blog and now here again, I loved it!

    A thousand deaths in sheer pleasure

    A lifetime lived; you melted at the tip of my lips.

    Looking for more coming from you, but still, I love the "invented in mallu land" brand of poems a lot too :D

  7. spellbound!
    have heard of immense praises for u sandeep sir already...
    and the magic that u have created here have turned me into another fan of urs!

  8. you are really versatile !!! wow :)


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