April 23, 2009

Iressistible 21

Engulfed in your arms,

I lived a thousand lives

Scaled the mountains of pure bliss.

And gently in the night,

As we experienced thousand deaths

In that enchanted kiss,

My heart thudded in delight

I am his..

I am his...

This sure is irresistible! I am intrigued.. will be back with more :D :D

P.S: Is it required to be a fib ?


  1. it was required to be a fib i guess 99% of the contributions to the irresistible series is a fib and that's what sets it apart from all the series...

    but hey what you wrote was a magical piece.. but try and bring in a fib too.. :)

  2. This was nice :) What a lovely after-feeling of this poem... Brought a silent smile :P

  3. Ah I will be back with more i guess Kajal.. thank you :)

    Satan's darling.. smile away :)
    And thanks for commenting :)

  4. hey meena , good job!
    and kajal's comment was very apt!
    this too was gr8! and me too waiting for a FIB from u now... :)


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