April 3, 2009

Guessing Game

Babie and Bablie are childhood friends. They are always together. One day Bablie saw Babie coming with a big bag. Babie stops as he nears her. Here is what they talk about:

Babie: Hi Bablie.

Bablie: Hello. What’s there in your bag?

Babie: Hens.

Bablie: Hens! How many?

Babie: Well, you guess.

Bablie surfs through her pony tail and thinks.

Babie: Ok. If you can guess how many hens are there in the bag, I will give both of them to you.

Bablie keep tossing the end of her hair and digging the ground with her sandals - thinking hard. After a long silent thought, she replies.

Bablie: 5!

# of Lines 9
*(FYI) Babie and Bablie are both my names! *winks*


  1. he he he.. is it where we say no wonder she said 5 ? :P

  2. Bablie is verrrry intelligent i mst say..;)

  3. intelligence is flowing.. :P

  4. Thanks mates... you liked it? Hehehe... I'm surprized!!!!!!

    Hehehe... thanks ;)

    Babie/Bablie ..


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