April 30, 2009


Continuing from Aprentice

"An aprentice ?? But how ??" I was totally puzzled. Not that i did not know what he implies, but i did not want to realize it. I denied being aware of my weakness.

And there lied his strength. He lived in the world of true words and ideas.

"Do i need to become an aprentice to you ?" I asked further, directly looking into his eyes.

"Do you mind that ?" he smiled as he replaced the canvas sheet with a new one.
"No.. i don't really mind.. but are you qualified ?" i questioned him absent mindedly. My attention was still on the running man he had drawn. It was pure emotions playing on the sheet in charcol.

He did not mind my question, rather he was nodding in approval. Or was it amusement i saw in his eyes !


  1. beautiful! I luv da way dis is progressing! :)

  2. it has a very 'english' feel.. :D good going!

  3. nice continuation :)

    the girl side of story.. hmm

  4. yep.. nice continuation! :D


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