April 30, 2009


Solitude is joy.
is bliss.
is a cup of coffee in a dark cold night.
is waves smashing against the coast.
is small words that pierce, that kill, that revive, that love.
is painting tears on canvas of life.
is a galloping horse.
is a lone cloud wandering in the vastness of skies.
is the candle's feeble glow.
is twittering of a sparrow.
is an only flower in the shrub.
is the butterfly's lonesome flight.
is one kangroo in the herd of sheep.
is moon amid twinkling dots.
is desire.
is melancholy sighs.
is twists and turns.
is old photographs in dusty albums.
is cobwebs of rustic memories.
is nostalgic moments that hover in the air like house flies.
is a wet smack of cheek.
is raindrop hitting the pavement.
is letters. words. sentences.
is missing heartbeats.
is some stupid dual-meaning text messages.
is a smile that crawl on your lips.
is a random gaze caught by a stranger and dropped with a smirk.
is strange sounding names of very loved people with physical distances stretching in between.
is two people living in the radius of 200 meters and yet millions of miles apart.
is love.
is dining alone at the table of six.
is a long road, car and memories.
is thoughts.
is a whole valley, birds and stream.
is you.
is me.

written something after ages :) i hope it is received well.


  1. Welcome back, Asbah! nd how hav we misd u nd ur wonderful work!

    Dis one touched my heart! so many similes for loneliness! nd beautiful ones.....vivid imagination!

    Knw where dis stems from! *hugs* :)

  2. Darling solitude and loneliness are two different things... Things described here for me are what brings a smile to my lips.. I hope you aren't lonely. You know where to find me if you are..

    Prayers continue!

  3. phew...! Finally, someone is back...

    And with a bang..! loved it..

    Be here now...! ;P

  4. Mav, yeah I really felt that living with WL is second to impossible for me, hence treaded back home :)

    rash - both are same, loneliness is same as solitude you know, it is same if you've opted it by choice or it is forced upon you :) and yeah i know i am not alone :)

    Nik - hehe thankyou.

  5. agreed Tan, it does. sure does.

  6. welcome back to awesome asbah!

    the ninja strikes with a beautiful comeback!

  7. Solitude....its something i fear more than death...!!! you wrote it well friend..!!

  8. vin, that was an awesome welcome.. thankyou :P

    yamini, thankyou dear :) means a lot to me!

  9. ty ty .. ps i really like this new dp of your chirag :)

  10. Asbah,

    this was like wow!!

    sorry for the insanity but my hands are itching to write something here..:P

    tanhaayi ki ye
    kaisi kahani sunaayi tune,
    aisa lagta hai,
    mere takiye par gire,
    ashko ke do boond,
    tumse mil ke aaye ho,
    aur apna fasana,
    halke se gungunaaye ho.

    tumhare lafzo me,
    ehsaas humaara hai,
    ek khooshbu bhi hai,
    pehchaani si..

  11. solitude is bliss...4 sure it is:)
    beautifully expressed...brilliant analogies...loved it:)
    n as Kajal says...it speaks for so many of us...thnx!!!

  12. solitude gives the oppurtunity of having all time in the world!

    beautifully expresed

  13. Solitude is a tune in a sleepless ,silent night!!
    It was superb asbi :) Loved it

  14. wah wah kaj, we love speaking for others dont we??

    CN, Thankyou :)

    yeah Aparna :( time just stick by and dont move .. hayna?

    Hashan, woha, i got another line *scribbles in her diary*!! yaay :)

  15. this was simply wow...i cd so relate and feel it...solitude is surely bliss sometime and much more actually

    loved it to the core :)

  16. I loved these two lines most

    is old photographs in dusty albums.
    is cobwebs of rustic memories.

    Keep writing :)

  17. Nab, beautiful writing is one that everyone can relate to.

    thankyou :)

    Pisku, Thankyou.


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