April 4, 2009

Oops..its a Promise!

pre-script: Tan meets Hennzy after a long time.

Tan: Hey Hennzy Long time buddy..long time !! how are you doing?
Hennzy: I am doing good.Thank you for asking.
Tan: I can remember, you used to smoke 2 cigarettes at a time.
Hennzy: yes..you are right.
Tan: one for yourself and other one for your expired friend,whom you promised that you'll lite fags for him. Am I right?
hennzy: Yes, yes.. you are absolutely right.
Tan: But now you are lighting only one fag.why man? Did you forget your promise?
Hennzy: No..no.. not at all.. I always keep my promise. Actually I quit smoking.

#of lines 8


  1. This one is just
    W O N D E R F U L

    I have less words to think about it... wonderful creativity... this should get a prize now... I insist!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing Hennzy. Do two things now:
    1. Capitalize first letter of your name in one of the instances
    2. Have a rocking weekend ...

  2. I completely second Tan :)
    That was a wonderful post Hashan :)
    LoL ing @ its best :D

  3. Ye Dosti, hum nahin todenge..


  4. he he...
    jo vaada kiya woh nibhana padega.... :D

  5. This is truly one of the best at the lounge... Gr8 work! :)

  6. @tan

    Thanks pal..Hope you had a nice weekend !! enjoi

  7. Thank yo so much Kings,charu, karmasura, Shreyans :))


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