April 5, 2009

Campus placements VIII

Sandeep: Coffee for you madam

Neha: Thank you! You never do bring one when i call you from my desk!!

Sandeep: Eh! Mr. Bhatia has asked me not to serve in that section. Does not leave a good impression on the guests

Neha: Whatever!

Mr. Bhatia: Thank you Sandeep. You are doing a great job. As a part of our contract, come what may, you will only serve tea/coffee for us. We will start off the conference now. Neha, please take notes.

Neha: Yes sir

*2 hours after the conference gets over, Neha comes back to her desk. She calls up Ste from her mobile and starts crying*

Ste: You think my job is fun! I am sick and tired of sitting here at the Sulabh Shouchalaya and counting 1 Re. and 2 Re. coins. The great recession has spared no one and we are forced to charge as well. And private companies like you are hitting on our business model too!!

Neha: This seems to be the only stable thing dude. Recession or no recession!

Ste: Sandeep is so better off. Serving tea/coffee to employees is so cool. Atleast he does not die a silent death every minute like us!

Neha: You bet. Hey Ste...I will call you later. A customer is here!

*Disconnects her mobile. Wipes off her tears and clears her throat*

Neha: Good morning. Dr. Ready's lavarotary reception. Neha here. Right Sir. The western toilet for 5 Rs. and Indian for 3 Rs. You can avail Special summer discount of 40% for yearly membership! Dr. Ready's Lavarotary...Always "READY" for you...We handle pressure better...since 1970.


  1. Lol... "We handle pressure better"... Wow! Wow!

    Neha...do something about this yaa...



  2. exactly 'we handle pressure better' was the catch...

    too good!!!!

  3. neha...i have seen to it that you dont make me clean the toilets by adding the contract bit...he he...

    Dr. Ready's Lavoratories...Kaisa bhi pressure...kahin bhi...We handle pressure better....Since 1970! :-)

  4. Wat contract bit Sandy... I already me you do what you didn't want me to! :P

  5. Guess you added the contract bit a little later! :P By then, the damage was already done!

  6. OMG... wht the ...things are getin a bit shtiy now... nopes.... MH are supposed to make us laugh or cry or whatever..but not smell... no personal vendettas..... :D

    on the lighter side :P, was funny readin it.... recesion and things that can happen... shit!!!!

  7. hahaha sale sandeep


    and hey dont worry u will get my job soon

    with that fake mbaaa degree

  8. "We handle pressure better...since 1970." lolz....

    good one...

  9. "We handle pressure better...since 1970." lolz....

    good one...


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