April 5, 2009

Campus Placements IX

Pre-script: In continuation of this post.

Neha has been handling customers day in and day out. Today has been unusually heavy though. Seems like there's a gastro or diarrhoea epidemic in the city. At the end of the day, however, Neha is happy because more business means good news. And good news during the recession is rare. To handle the extra business, Dr. Ready's Lavatories have appointed another receptionist to handle the night shift. She's just arrived and is taking over from Neha.

Neha: And here, Kajal, these are the books where you make the entries. You know the cash registers and all, right? Phew, what a busy day! I am outta here.

Meanwhile, Sandeep walks in.

Neha: Arey Sandeep, what are you doing here? I didn't even call for coffee. Neither did Mr. Bhatia. Oh, you came here on seeing Kajal? (turns to Kajal) This is Sandeep. It's a ritual that every girl who walks into this office MUST be first introduced to Sandeep. He enjoys a slightly less-paying albeit better job than us. This recession, I tell you! Oh, how come you are here? And what is this broom in your hand for?

Mr. Bhatia enters right then.

Mr. Bhatia: Arey Sandeep, chalo chalo, kaam par lag jao. Go inside. Neha, you must learn from him. This young man has surprised us with his hardwork and dedication. So, we have decided to promote him from a peon to the Hygiene in-charge. He will personally inspect each of our company's offerings (lavatories) before the customer can avail of our services.

Neha: (suppressing a laugh) promoted? Absolutely sir! I am sure he will handle the pressure even better than all of us here!

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  1. Error code...error code...invalid continuation...read the previous part!

  2. super good ... super continuation...

    hardworking.... promotion.... and recession.... bad combination for someone down here :P


  3. Kajal's entry.. huhahahahah.. good one Neha... :) everyone is rushing to the loo at the lounge. :P

  4. yeh zaada ho raha hae......
    continuity ke liye bhi bahut pressure hae... :D


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