April 5, 2009

Campus Placements VII

Pre-script: In continuation of this post and this post.

Interviewer: (looks at Neha from head to toe) really? That's your ID? 

Neha: (uncomfortably) Uh... yes sir. I had created this in school.

Interviewer: Oh that's okay! Everyone does crazy things in school. Even I have an ID that I'd made in school: handsome_hunk74@yahoo.com. But I am sure you will mail us your new ID.

Neha: (delighted) Sure sir! Sir, can you do me a favor?

Interviewer: Sure, tell me!

Neha: Sir, I request you to take my friend Sandeep also in this company. His degree is fake and no one is ready to give him a job. 

Interviewer: Well, okay... done!

One month later, at Dr. Ready's Laboratories.

Mr. Bhatia (Neha's boss): Arey Sandeep, yahan conference room mein 4 chai lana. (turns to Neha) Neha, coffee for you? 

Neha: Sure sir!

Mr. Bhatia: Sandeep, madam ke liye coffee. Jaldi!

Sandeep: (to himself) sigh! paapi pet ke liye yeh bhi sahi!  

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  1. hehehehe..good continuation Neha..

  2. Lolz !! btw, wat was d funny id neha ??

  3. @ Pretty

    Ask Sandeep... he's the one who created that id!

  4. nice one madam ji..... dont recomend a job for me too :P ;)

  5. hehehehehe..
    Sandeep the Chai waala...oopss...;)

  6. he he ...lolz...
    chai walle bane ke liye bhi YEM BHI YE ki zarurat hae..... :P :D


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