April 1, 2009

Campus Placements II !!!

Pre-script: In continuation of this post.

Interviewer: Next please.
Sandeep: May I come in Sir?
Interviewer: Yes please. Come, take a seat. Tell us something about yourself.
Sandeep: My aggregate comes down to 92%, Sir, I am the university topper. The second topper has only 75%, I have got 100/100 in data structures. Its a university record, Sir!
Interviewer: Get out!! (Screaming) get ooouuuutttttt!!!!
Sandeep: Why sir... but sir... er...
Interviewer: I said get out! You think you can fool me on April Fools' ?
Sandeep: But sir, I HAVE got these grades!!!

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  1. Poor interviewer... too much foolin to handle.... bad luck sandeo :P...

    nice one da ;)

  2. doctor :P
    he he good one :D
    - circuit :D

  3. Wrong date for interview ... next time, plan accordingly ...

    Poor Sandeep - all efforts in vain!!

  4. @ Kings

    yeah... bad luck Sandy!! with such grades too, no placement.. paavum!


  5. @ Tan

    hehehe... this is wat happens when sandy tries his luck with girls also...

    truly bechara sandy!


  6. awww...poor sandy..still bearing the burnt of ste's Pranks..:D

  7. @ Chaarrzzz

    Guess he deserves it!! :P

  8. ha ha.....what a coincidence.....!!
    Sandy and ste get the same person as the interviewer.... :D


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