April 22, 2009

Whose dream is it anyway?

Part II
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SIS:I wish I were in your place bro.
ME:No you don't.
SIS:You seem to know what to do, what to say when and what not. I wish I could do  dad and mom as proud.
ME:Sweety, its just bad timing that your graduating now. Don't hold that against yourself.
SIS:Its easy for you to say that. You went to IIT! Your 26 and your a manager already! For me its just bad timing? What am I supposed to do with benchmarks like those. Whatever I do, I always look like a poor little sister.
ME:Come now, you know thats not true. We all have our own dreams. It doesn't matter what others think coz its your own life. Go do what makes you happy, you have that choice. I didn't.
SIS:How do you know what it feels like. You've always been the achiever, the go-getter. Its one thing to dream bro and its another to live in it.
ME: Dad wanted me to be an engineer even before I knew that there were other things that I could do in this world. Ma wouldn't have it anyother way when I didn't want to take that job. Who will marry a struggling poet she asked me. So whose dream is it anyway? 
SIS:But bro, they are all proud of you. I am too!
ME: Sweety, I have no regrets but it doesn't feel like the way you make it sound. Remember what we dreamt of when we were young? Cars, a grand house, travelling, fun. The good life! Remember? And lo, we are still complaining! We all expect things to be handed over to us just like that. Today this tomorrow that.
SIS:But why should it be like this. Can't we survive doing the things we love to do?
ME:[Aside]I wish I could answer that.
ME:[Aloud]We can easily survive, but we would be complaining even if were! Of how difficult it is to live in this world! Its funny you know.
SIS:So you just come to terms with it? Is there no way? For both yin and yan?
ME:There must be!
SIS:Amen to that.
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  1. who will marry a poet ?? LolLz !! u know its actually funny when ppl talk so !! well... let em write a post on my ideas ... as inspired from this one !!

    Kudos dear !!
    another wonderful post !!

  2. "tadbeer se bigdi hui taqdeer banaa le, apne pe bharosa hai to yeh daanv laga le "

    I always love this kind of posts :) I blogged a post long back on something like this but forgot to lebel it,so not able to find it now..

    Loved it :)
    waiting for the next...

  3. Dis one was gr8! Luvd it!

    Made me remember a song which des days has sorta becum my anthem! :P

    Apni manzil ho, apna hi raasta,
    Duniya jo bole,humko kya vaasta,
    Hum to dil ki sune, koi mane na mane,
    Jahaan apna chune, chune apni raahe,

    Jo Dil Chahe!!!!!

    :P :P :P :P
    Nw dis was kinda absurd! :P

    But luvd dis post...waiting fr more! :)

  4. @Prats: :):)
    Thanks for the encouraging words!

    @Hasan: Post the link if u do dig it out!

    @Gaurav: Thanks a ton! I'll have to dig that song out myself!

  5. it is so so close to me..reminds me of some of my conversations with my sister..not exactly this way but yeah..lovely.. :D


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