April 9, 2009

Amazing you...

Its amazing when you speak to me
Its amazing when you make sense
Its amazing because I can understand
The meanings of your words, so dense!

A step or two, when you take towards me
I can see my world converging in
As you hold my hand and walk around
You make my blue world so green!

I talk to you, in puzzled words
You respond with puzzled looks
You try to learn, and you try to share.
Your smile proves a thousand brooks.

Come, my child and hold my hand
Walk with me into the world
I’ll teach you now, I’ll teach you how
To lead a life with bliss unfurled!

It’s a situation where the father is talking to his baby. The baby tries to talk, but could make no sense; but the father still finds that meaningful. The father talks and the baby cannot sense anything; but the baby tries to find its meaning. Both of them are in the same state of mind, the difference is that we can understand what the father can say and what the baby does, we can just gaze and guess! The above words are of a father!


  1. So very beautiful, Tan! we hav so many poems nd odes to da relation a child has wid his moether bt ppl sumtimes r oblivious to da fact dat fathers may nt show bt dey hav an equally strong bond wid der children!
    This was simply wonderful! Thanx fr sharing it! :)

  2. Wonderfully done Tan :)
    Profound :)

  3. it was perfect without the post script even !! it makes sense to every heart :) !! btw, any reason for such thoughts ??

  4. Its a beautiful one !! Hey I was watching big daddy and immediately read this...emotional hoi golu pura :))superb..superb one !

  5. The pic and the wrds that follow are so cute.....
    good post.... :)

  6. I agree with maverick...nice post

  7. beautiful poem Tan.. and the picture,too, cute. same question.. whats behind the thoughts hmm.. baby...:)

  8. @ Gaurav/Maverick

    You know what? The father in me is rising somewhere... lots and lots of laughs... thanks for liking it ;)

    @ Nan, Neo and H

    Thanks for reading and liking my poem. Your comments mean so much to me ...

    @ Pratibha & Roshni

    Well, dont assume girls... chillax... we still have a lot of time for that now... anyways, there was nothing in particular that made me write this... if you see the last story that I posted in my blog (Thus Wrote Tan!) you will see a subtle connection between the two... I dont know if there is anything in there... perhaps, I was missing my father, whom I met more than 2 years ago... perhaps!!! :(

    @ Hashan

    Thanks a lot man... I just tried to squeeze out something very much different from what I think, normally... thought something that I do not usually think of... anyways... bhaal lagilei bhaal aru ;)

    Mates, I put the footnote to actually use a phrase that came in my mind and I wanted to share. The poem was fine without that too, but just to add up ... skip skip ;)

  9. @Tan i just loved it ...no words to express the feeling :-)

  10. Thanks mate... keep reading me... you are not found in my blog much these days... some problem?

  11. offcourse i m found in ur blog ....i guess u missed out on my comments lately....i m very much there...infact u have been missing from my blogs for long !

  12. fatherhood is a divine feel, isnt it?

    'your smile proves a thousand brooks'!

    utterly delightful :)

  13. I saw you there, MG ... hehehe... will be in yours too...

    Asbah, you said it!!


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