April 9, 2009

The Break Up!

The Night was finally here!

The Night she was waiting for some weeks and thousand hours.

The Night where she wanted to end all the confusions and live all her enthusiasms- The night which she thought was all she wanted.

He has been here for a few months but hardly been free enough to manage time. They have been one soul for some years but then things haven’t been too rosy since the starting of the year. They didn’t meet often but yet managed an oodles of talk and time for each other. She has never been so unconditionally in love before. He was his everything now and she felt life was just about this.

He was going home for some months and he had promised as always he will meet her up before leaving. She felt that all was well in their bliss!

She was dressed in her best attire! He loved her in a saree so what a better occasion to wear it! She wore a beautiful Red saree with black borders and coupled it with the best of jewels. She looked like the traditional Indian Bride and she knew he will love her for it.

It was 7 in the evening. He called up!

“Hey!” said he

“Heya , Where r u?” was the inquisitive she

“Just got so amazing busy ,baby! I m still juggling stuffs! I will pick u up by 8! Hope it would be fine for u ?” said the ever busy he!

“You and your works. Gosh!”, said the pissed she again

“Jaan you know how tough is it for me to manage time 1 day before I leave and u still….neways I will come na” was all he could say convincing

“Ok baba…I m waiting come soon” said she irritably

“Okie…catch u soon …take care” said he

“Take care” said the impatient she

And there went down the cell

She was so used to waiting for him forever. That’s how he was always but still she was not used to the wait!

And here she sat still reminiscing of all the moments spend in those 4 years of togetherness….those years of laughter….those moments of cries and those moments of LOVE.

And before she realized it was already 8 and the cell rang

“Hey where r u?” said the impatient he

“I m very much in my room. Have u reached?” was all she could say excitedly

“Yups I m outside, come soon!” said the impatient he

“Okie I m coming” said the overexcited she

And she kept the phone and ran to the door. There he was outside sitting on his bike.

She hugged him and sat behind!

She always loved riding behind his bike more than anything. And besides it was so comfortable with him as she had never to think what way is suitable to sit or hold like with others. Often she used to just sleep off to glory with him riding!

So as she enjoyed the moments, they reached his place and entered it blooming in love

“Gosh what a tiring day….”was his reaction as he entered!

She just stared and stared at him with love

He noticed and said “So saree and all …the Gorgeous You” with a wicked smile

“Hehehehehh”, giggled she

And then they hugged and kissed in the sensuousness of the moment

Now came the moment of talks, memories and……..

“So Mr. busy bee never has time to meet to talk or anything right” said she trying to converse

“Shut up u know how busy I have been still I do somehow manage time” said he with a pissed look

“Hahaha….u better do and u better do so even after going home! U will have to understand and….” Said she fearing the distance

“Just stop it! I thought I will be relaxed after I met u and u start lecturing me…u know I have crucial time ahead so just understand”, said the irritated him

“What understand...i m not at all demanding and yet you…u can at least stay more in touch and …” was the pissed she

“Now stop acting like Kimi”, said the further pissed he

“What the hell …..Was all she could say?” was all that a shocked she could say

Kim was his FiancĂ© and she knew everything about it. He got engaged a few months back due to family pressures even though he loved her. He had no options due to social divides between them. But then it was more of a official contract and notin more was involved. He always kept convincing her he will find ways to end this engagement and that was keeping her going…..But this comparison kept her going!

“Sorry baby. U know how official it is between Kimi and me …I love u but she irritates me to I just said it ….sorry na …u know I love you” …said he in order to convince her

Before she could say more……they lost themselves in those moment of ecstasy

The Slumber was broken by a ring on his phone….he went out to take it!

She knew it was Kimi and today she realized it was somehow ending.

After he came in he was a different man

He sat with a sullen look

“What?” was all she could react with.

“I can’t do this…I have never double timed …I can’t do this ….i just cant”, said the tensed he

“U want to break up?” said the worried she

“No….this is wrong…I just made love to her yesterday and now”,said he without giving heed to what she said

The glass broke thousands pieces and she had no words

“You made love?” was all she could say

“It just happened I mean”, was all he had to say

“Gosh I never expected this to end this way” and before she could say more tears trickled down her cheeks ……


She just got up and hugged him so tightly that no one else can…….she knew this was the last time she was ever hugging him …

Tears couldn’t stop. She knew it was over and so was she

“Drop me back “, was all she could say

“Baby u can stay”, said he in order to make things well

“No I don’t want to just drop me back”, said the adamant she

“We will obviously be in touch its just that…” was the ever convincing he

“Its just that I cant ever hug u this way or maybe even kiss u”, said the heartbroken she!

And then she just kissed his lips and hugged him to cry her heart out

“Ya that wouldn’t happen but trust me we could be best of friends” was the ever more convincing he

“Whatever” saying this she picked up her purse

Realizing her adamancy he picked his bike keys and went down

All through the bike journey she hated herself

The moment came and went and her destination came soon and she had to say her final goodbye!

She hugged him one last time and cried to her content

He shake hands and wanted to say something but before he knew she turned back

She was back to the same room but she was not the same she.

She just lied alone in her room facing the roof with the Numbness that will be her only companion for ages to come

It was over and so was she.

Post script

The numbness was her companions for a long time ….she didn’t feel anything any longer .The cheating has made her realize the fakeness and she hated herself for it .

He reached back home and tried calling her often but she had made up her mind and she knew it was over. Now no effort and nothing can ever change. Life has ended for her and so did his duration in her life. She had Loved him too much to realize ! He had became her priority even though she was just an option in his life and that was the responsible for this new SHE


  1. hymphh !!!!

    was a nice read

    but feel bad for the girl :)

    remember reading something similar hereee

  2. liked the story.. but I didnt like the conversation some how.. how can she be so dumb as to hug n kiss him when he just admitted that he slept with the other girl.. where is the justified anger?

  3. @ ste thanks :-)

    @winnie ...well the anger was in her silence....she knew this was coming....and that's what justified her way...she was not dumb just didn't wanted to show the hurt...and was too blank to be angry

  4. I guess you a right... all one can feel in such a situation is a strange numbness and sm confused outburst of feelings at times....

    neways a very nice read..... Though I pray no girl ever comes even remotely close to smthing like this...

  5. really nice one
    very emotional

    and lovable

  6. Sometimes you curse and hate just yourself for the wrong you do knowingly !! liked the narration though the story was bit dodgy in the middle... classic end !!

  7. @R thanks for liking....Sad but true such things do happen in real too

    @Chirag thanks for the appreciation

    @Prats i know it was a big dodgy in the middle...but the situation demanded it...or it wd have been too perfect to be true......Glad u liked something in it :-)

  8. I wonder what kind of a person "HE" is...
    "she" is also too strange.....
    But things like this happens all the time between people...

    I feel you have to be the characters of such stories to understand the real motives and feelings behind every action.....

    nice post... :)

  9. could be cooked a little more I guess, couple of edits here and there, chat lingo, and load of dot dot dot dot :P i felt it was a little dragged too..

    and both behaved strangely!
    she could have slapped him hard, no?

    also chk this: “What the hell …..Was all she could say?” was all that a shocked she could say

    but then it is your story, and you have all the righs of it.

    Comparing from your last ones, improved, really good to see you trying on prose :) you have imagination milady, keep it rolling !

  10. @The Vitruvian Boy......well i truly agree to what u say....what made ppl act certain ways is something only those 2 ppl can answer...sometime its incomprehensible....thanking for reading it

    @Asbah......well i accept all ur comments with all dignity because i know they r true.....i know this story can be improved beyond measure....i also know i didnt do justice to the moment nor i included all i wanted to...just couldn't....
    well i just wrote a story after long and i wrote it in a flow...it was too dark for me to add more so apart from some editing i hardly tried polishing.....maybe i will try doing it again including all details i wanted to .......
    as far the slap is concerned...i wanted to include but than the fact that she knew all this before ...wouldn't have justified it...it just showed a end which was coming for long...it shows weird ways of love where u know the truth the lies and everything and yet ur together.....
    well i m quite new with stories so maybe the next one fully satisfies u :P
    thanks for reading it :-)

  11. hey! gr8 blog.. wonderful twist..though an usual one..:)

  12. I loved the beginning and the ENd..Though i feel the narration could have been stronger in the Middle..
    Nevertheless, i liked it a lot.. But i just hope no girl has to go thru ths.. Coz its aching and disgusting to find that the one you trusted to such an exceptional level broke your trust so easily and left you in the middle of nowhere.

    Keep writing..

  13. @sunflower thanks :-)

    @Charzz thanks a lot...i know the middle is a bit dodgy and i know my carelessness is responsible for it....but just wrote it in one flow....as its little painful writing dark stories

    and i too hope noone goes thru it...it surely wd be hell !

    Thanks for liking it :-)


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