April 9, 2009

Aage Baadhte raho!!

Last night I received a call from one of my close friend whose name i cant write here....

he told me that he had a break up with his girlfriend.I asked him the how,why n what's about it and he said he does'nt know! Poor guy! hope he recovers soon and moves on with his life!

This incident made me conclude that all relationships are like a cricket match!
The boy is usually the batsmen and girls the one who is the bowler....umpire's are the people who are friends of both the boy and girl in relationship.And the concept of audience includes all those people who really dont know the boy or girl but still judge them just coz they have no other work.

Here's the list of what I feel about some technical terms in relationship!
  • LBW - Declared out when you try to come in between what the girls trying to achieve, it can be career,family, any thing.If you come in between then its out......U cant do that...
  • Caught-When u try certain prohibited things like having vodka in a party or flattering about other girls etc.. and you end up getting caught by someone.You can get caught by others or the girl herself(caught and bowled) and the worst is caught behind(they are the persons who's only aim of life is to catch your flaws).
  • Bowled-You are too busy in attempting to do something of yr own,when suddenly the ball slips past you and hits the stumps.
  • Stumped- Charging at your girlfriend,trying to show who's the boss,its ok.....but if you cross the limit you ll be stumped.
  • Run-out -This is adultery in relationships..when you are too greedy for more than one or two.
  • Googly - Questions like " hows this tee shirt? " you dont know how to answer... nice or bad!
  • Flipper- You may be expecting her at 7 pm at yr house,and its only 5 so you are still watching tv and didnt get ready and you suddenly find her at yr home at 5:30.
  • Yorker-Tough decisions that may bring you onto yr knees begging her....for eg "bungee jumping or me? choose between them"
  • Wide- Things that are beyond your reach for eg "get me the brightest star on the sky".You get credit when u fail in trying to reach them.
  • Noball - When she oversteps, or bowls over yr head. you get credit for it,you may get free hit for that.
  • Free hit - Bcoz she overstepped,next time you're free to do everything but getting involved in adultery(runout) is not allowed.
  • Hit Wicket-When you are too frustrated or afraid to face the girl ,you have the option to commit suicide and walk out of the relationship.
  • Retired hurt- When you dont want to be with this girl for time being,you can tell that u are not well and you have to assess yrself but will be available in sometime when you are ready.
Now the couple's common friends who are the umpires usually listen to the problems and sort out.They maintain the order of the game,keep the couples under control, decide on wides and noballs and declared to batman(boy) out or not out.

Usually the boy comes to know why he is out, what was being appleaded against him.
Before he walks out he know "Damn! i am caught n bowled, i should have tried to sweep that one". This is fair. But sometimes like in my friends case there was just an appeal,and he was given out. And thats the reason i feel we have neutral umpires in real cricket.
Some day it may happen that you are walking by the road and a unknown couple may walk to you with their case and urge u to be the umpire for getting unbiased decisions......who knows.....its a crazy world afterall.....

PS:- My friend if u happen to read this I would suggest u to watch the fastrack move-on video on youtube(17 secs walla),I tried hard to put it over here...but couldnt..plz dont think that the video is only for promoting fast track eye-gears. You have to move on.....go find a new gal and tell me...and be the guy who's in the green tee-shirt.....


  1. that's very nice yaar
    bahut badhia
    u describe every decision very neatly
    specally runonut and freehit

  2. hehe..nice way to 2 well-loved sports :P

    one's a hell lot rougher than the other..no prizes for quessing which one :P


  3. it was a nice read !! and to talk of moving on ?? God !! it can fill anything and everything !! its a personal choice in the end !

  4. hey dear... the cover pic and the title of the post seems is same as of what I had written on my old blog page about 8 months back... (pulkit-tiwari.blogspot.com)
    is it a mere conincidence?
    if not! then m kind of sad to see this act!


  5. I googled for the cover pic....
    the title suits the content.....

    It would be a "Kudarat Ka Karishma" IF the content is same as yrs.... :)

  6. :) way to go the vitruvian!! it was very witty, very intelligent piece with a strong message..:)

  7. The Message felt and understood... the title was better in English... but then, the content told that title and pics are not all important things... hehehe... intelligent!!

  8. thanks vitruvian!
    liked the post... content was not same at all...
    all's fine!
    keep up the good work!!


  9. have replied positively @ shout box too dear!
    tc god bless!

  10. actually i enjoyed the silimies you've used.

    really fantastic!

    i enjoyed LBW ... the come in between bit.
    caught ... caught read handed, perfect execution of the idea!
    stumpted .. crossing limits!
    googly, flipper, yorker! such description!
    wide .. lol! u're just hitting it rightly TVB!!

    very intelligently sorted out, my best read of today as yet!

    keep going :)


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