March 24, 2009

Slum"dog" Millionaire..

Vijay and Ajay's reaction after watching slumdog millionaire

Vijay: Man,I loved this much emotional naa?
Ajay: Oh thats how you feel it.
Vijay:that Frieda chick was truly a babe ,man
Ajay: Thats how you feel it,but certainly I didn't liked this movie at all.
Vijay:Why? man....any particular reason for not liking it.
Ajay:Well there is one particular reason..
Vijay: and now what is that ?
Ajay:I have seen Slum,Millionaire and also future Bond Chick Freida Pinto,but I really wanted to see that dog...I did not see any dog in that movie....they fooled us man..
Vijay: Hey yes,even I feel so...they cheated us... even I didn't see any slum ka dog.


  1. Ohh...

    The Quest fr the slum ka DOG..
    wat betrayal they did wid the Movie buffs..

  2. :P heehheh... bad director and producer

    what an incredible doubt :P

  3. lol....hey they did show "slum ka dog". If you people have missed, then watch the movie again ......starting scenes...when children were running with policemen behind them.

    there we saw great indian "streetdog" :)

  4. to be precise...when the song "they can't touch me"...female voice starts. (black colored dog)...people do catch this they showed "slum-ka-dog" ..hehe

  5. there neeraj got the dog for ya.. :D

  6. They did nt mention that the indian Dog has a guest appearance..... :P

    he he....


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