March 24, 2009


There is a celebration in The Writers Lounge in a few days and a few of the loungers met for an important official party to discuss upon some real important issues and to come up with some really interesting things. They are all sitting together in a big round table, facing each other. Talking to each other and discussing the situation.
Disclaimer: Remember, all are writers and they like to be immersed in their own thoughts – mostly always!


Prats: Hey chums, today is another day when I have got a new reason to smile.

John: Really, then why are they cutting down the cost of petrol and diesel? I am all sad for the auto drivers in Chennai. They are reluctant to drop the price. So cruel on us!

Chirag: No man. It’s fine. I am not bothered. Having seen what happened to IPL. I did not see the first One day between West Indies and England. What is the score now?

Rashi: Chill dude! The heart is still thumping and so, it will provide us with more. Do not repent, just carry on. Life is not a bed of roses but a rocky road, instead!

Arjun: What a joke! I do not want to leave Bangalore for any reason. Why did they startup this bullshit campaign now? I’m totally at cross with everyone connected to it.

Tan: Ya ya! Love never ceases to pour in. All I wanted is love from you in exchange of nothing. I cannot be what you want me to be; but then, I can’t just stop it. So, I write.

Sandy: No man. It’s all wrong. I never wanted to hurt this guy. I never intended to. I just wanted to make my Idea Roadies program run uninterruptedly. I even connected the PC to an UPS, but it ceased to work when Raghu logged in from his Idea Mobile. What do I do now?

Bhargav: Yes! You are right man. The new movie too did not do well in the Box Office. I did a review, but it did not do well anywhere.

Insiya: But then, they should understand it. Life is not all about illusions. I see what I dream and I write what I see. If I cannot see it, whom should I go and ask for it?

Kajal: Never ask anyone. Why should you? The only place in India where the pink orchids are available is Arunachal Pradesh, I know that already.

Ste: See, knowledge is powerful. It is not always the Superheroes who have super knowledge. Everyone among us is super knowledgeable. Only thing is, no one know how to direct it in the right way, as I do. I am the solitary learned person, whom people envy.

Hashan: Well mates, enough of your thoughts. If everything was to be the way you just said then it would not have been so easy. How do we celebrate it now? It’s just a couple of days more! The network is not connecting and most importantly, the server is down.
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  1. People, stay tuned for another entry later tonight. Do read both of them and let me know which one should I send to the Admins ...

  2. this one was funtashtic.. sab apni suniya mein mast!!

  3. badhia hai...sab apani fekane me lage hai

  4. Super Good Tan :) *all smiles*

    Couldnt stop laughing loud seeing each reply.... ppl were wondering whts wrong wit me...:P...Realy nice convo , interesting nd innovative :P

  5. A fresh attempt and it fared well ;)
    Kudos Tan :)

  6. Fantastic Tan !!

    Loved it!! A supper dupper LOL..

  7. Thanks for read mates...
    Happy to see you liked both my attempts .... :)


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