March 24, 2009

Machu Picchu

She : Hey !! long weekend ahead.. Lets go out some where
He : Yeah !! I recently read of a place "machu pichu" !! really beautiful..
She : Hmm.. its good ? How far is that from Bangalore ?
He : I dnt remember.. why don't you google?
She (turns back to her laptop and dreamingly searches for the place) : Its really green.. lovely pics here.. lets see the route ..
A min later, she is fuming, he is laughing and the screen reads :

Machu Picchu is one of the most visited tourist
attraction in Peru, Soth America


  1. hehe prats

    lol...guess u have been to

    machhu pichhu lolz


  2. lolzzzz...!!
    Are u also planing a weekend thr sweethert??

  3. oh yeah... i too love to be thr.... btw anybody com up wit a shorter route :P

  4. Lolz nice one ... route to lma0 !!! :P


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