March 22, 2009

Sandeep v/s Sandeep

Twin brothers Sandeep Balan and Sandeep Malan are standing at a bus stop. Just then, a beautiful girl clad in a skimpy outfit comes by. Sandeep's (Malan and Balan) eyes and tongue pop out. Sandeep Balan is impatient and wants to outwit his own brother. Sandeep Malan is, however, calm and confident of his charm, and lets Sandeep Balan take the initiative.

Sandeep Balan: ennavale adi ennavale,endhan idhayaththai tholaiththu vittaen
endha idam adhu tholaindha idam, andha idaththaiyum marandhu vittaen
(Translation: Oh my dear! oh my dear!I've lost my heart... The place where I lost it, that place also I forgot...)

Girl: *Slap*

Sandeep Malan: (confidently) ennavale adi ennavale, endhan idhayaththai tholaiththu vitten
endha idam adhu tholaindha idam, andha idaththaiyum marandhu vitten

Girl: *Blushes, runs towards Malan, hugs him, and plants a kiss on his cheek*

Sandeep Balan: (puzzled) How come you get the girl when we both sang the same song?

Sandeep Malan: (in typical Rajini ishtyle) Daa.. Aalu rounda iruntha podhathu...Aatathula all roundera irukkanum...
(Translation: Hey... it's not enough if a person is round... one has to be an all-rounder...)

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  1. lolzzzzzz.. hail malan... poor balan...

    malan rocks.. rajini rocks.. neha rocks!!!

    nice one sis... lol... !!

  2. Zimbly Soober Saar....

    i am allrounder saar

    i liked it saar

    i am loving this caantest saar

  3. woaaaa! this was like boom boom boom.. patakha! :)

  4. I thought you will say.. ennoda veli tani veli mind it ;)

    Good one :D

  5. @ Mona

    Yaays!!! *Blows out kisses*

    Malan rocks!!


  6. @ Ste

    Dank yooo vaary mujj saar!

    I yam sure Malan saar will aalso be vaary habby...


  7. @ Kaju


    Malan makes a grand entry cutting through the smoke...

  8. @ Winnie

    Yeah... could have said that too... will keep that in mind for next microhumor post!

    Glad u likd it! :)

  9. @ Charzzz

    Shukriya, shukriya...


  10. neha

    our malan saar will be very happy

    am vary proud of malan saar

    and balan saar ....y u hating ur bradar saar

  11. @ Ste

    He doesn't hate his brother daa...

    He is only jealous... paavam... can u blame him?

    @ Malan saar

    Saar, please don't humiliate your brother like this in public!

  12. oh yeah

    poor sandeep balan...and we r with u brother......sandeep balan zindabad

    sandeep malan murdabad

    hai hai sandeep balan

  13. hahaha... Our princi.... poor man..!! :(

    Next time i'll come to the rescue of Mr. Balan.... :P

  14. @ Uz

    Thnx dearie... Gracias!!! :)

  15. @ Ste

    Laughing eh?? Next butt of microhumor's u!! ;P


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