March 22, 2009

I scream!!!!!!

Neha, Mona, Asbah and Priyanka go to the ice-cream parlour one day...

Neha: Can I have the vanilla with chocolate topping please?

Asbah: I want vanilla with strawberry topping...

Priyanka: I want vanilla with honey nut crunch topping... Mona, What about you??

Mona digs deep into her pocket and finds a single one rupee coin.

Mona: Excuse me... just the topping, please... !!

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  1. Aww... u can have my ice cream dear!!! :)

    ... while I laugh.. LOLzzzz

  2. Golden Oppurtunity...Go and grab neha's ice-cream baby..;)

  3. hehe......

    I just won a lottery.. Rs. 35 .. and i promised that i'll help poor people... U want it Mona??? :P

    hehe... Enjoy the imaginary ice cream topping..!! :P

  4. @ ste.. thanks..

    @ neha.. thanks for ur generosity gal... slurp.. slurp...

    @ kajal.. thank u...

    @ charzzz... yay.. chance pe dance... slurp slurp...

    @ arjun.. thanks dude.. u r so kind-hearted!

  5. Hahaha... Has anyone watched the movie "The Hot Chick" starring Rob Schneider? There is this scene with ice cream in it. And there are 3 girls too! reminded me of that scene :P

    Good one Mona :D

  6. lols!
    it reminds me of an advetisment of a mobile network company :P(yeah u fone)!

  7. did u get it mona ??? ;)


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