March 22, 2009

Aye Saar!! I waaan a Laatery!!

PreScript: Arjun , who is a student of Sandeep Sir's Acting School comes to meet Sandeep Sir.

Arjun : Aye! Saar ,I won a lottery.
Sandeep: Ahh! What will you do with this money ,Son?
Arjun:Saar,I will help poor people and provide monetory support to all needy people .
Sandeep:I am very proud of you, Son.
Arjun: Saar,I will also marry a poor girl and take care of her Saar.
Sandeep: God Bless you, Son.
Arjun: Thanks Saar.
Sandeep:Vaise tujhe kitne Rupaye ki lottery lagi hai re.
Arjun: 35 Rs ka Saar


  1. omg....... cant stop laughing... this one was too good ste.. mast!!...

  2. Lolzzz....

    Ste.. back with a bang!!

    @ RJ

    35 rupees mein kya kya karega??


  3. oh...Rs 35 mein kya kya karega Arjun..lolzzzz
    Good one ste

  4. arey mona uske liye 35 rs ka lottery is like 35 lakh ,...hence all bragging heheheh

  5. neha ...our arjun is a superstar yaar
    uske liye 35 rs is a big amt

  6. RJ is very intelligent yar..!!

    Tats y he said he'll marry a poor girl... hehe :P

    Kya re stibu mama....revenge??? hehe

  7. aye saar

    wht will u do with those 35 rs saar

  8. lols!
    fit hai!!
    p.s: one should have a big heart ,35/-doesn't matter :P

  9. haha !! so helping and kind is Arjun !!

  10. yes uzra

    35 rs doesnt matters hez gonna marry a poor girl

    woww hw kind he is

  11. Reminded me of a very old song by Kishoreda...
    Meri Lottery lag jaane wali hai


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