March 24, 2009

Global warming !!

After a long lecture on Global warming

Tan : How come you failed 3 times in the same subject?
hennzy : Questions were easy but answers were tuff :)
Tan: How is your preparation this time?
hennzy: Is preparation is always good!
Tan: Then.. how you manage to fail? strange..
hennzy:only god knows!
Tan: Can I ask you a question?
hennzy : ya..ya..go ahead.
Tan: what you did you learn today from the Global warming lecture? what should we do to stop global warming..??
hennzy: Hey this is very easy, we should go Non-veg.



  1. he he :P
    yeah all of us will turn non-veg :P

  2. :D :D :D :D :D: D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  3. woaaa... correct i am in for the campain... :)

    global warming ghatao - non veg ho jao :P

  4. he he ..I liked it ..i have seen the nonvegbulls around :) ...and just on a note of fact : Global Warming is a bloody scam to charge carbon tax.

    Just do a google on "global warming scam" you will be surprised by the staggering amount of results.



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