March 21, 2009

LOL@Lounge Contest Announcement

To Writers Lounge Family,

We cried with the "Rain drenched lounge" contest. We rhymed with the "Inspiration poetry contest". Now its time to spread smiles and laugh out aloud. Making people laugh is way too tougher than making people cry. As the wise say, "Laughter is the best medicine". We say the family which laughs together, stays together. It's a pleasure to challenge all the talented ones here with our third contest, LOL@Lounge
We have always challenged ourselves to the limit here. Making people laugh is tough. But when you have to do it within 12 lines, the task at hand becomes tougher. That's the beauty of "Micro-humour". Please click on the link HERE to see the attempts of Sandeep, Arjun, Stephen and Prats on the same. There might be some posts in here which exceed the 12 line limit, but we are sharing these short darlings with you so that you get an idea of what this contest is all about.
Start date: 21st March, 15:00 hrs
End date: 6th April, 10:00 am
## The lounge is closed till 6th April for any other work. However, Movie Reviews, Quiz (Bhargav & Chirag), Monday Delight Interviews, Congratulation (If any), Announcements (if any) and Birthday related posts (If any) are the only things that can be posted here till 6th April. Members please refrain from posting any other stuff apart from the one's mentioned above. The lounge is also closed for Reposting on weekends.Members are requested to refrain themself from posting posts other than contest ones.

1) It's humour that you have to attempt. Label your enteries with "micro-humour" , "LOL@Lounge Contest " and "your name"
2) The post should be conversational style and not exceed 12 lines. By 12 lines, we mean 12 dialogues. The explanatory lines you wish to add in your micro-humour will also be counted in these 12 lines. The entire entry should be restricted to 12 lines. There is no word count that you have to adhere too. As long as you restrict your attempt to 12 lines, word count is not an issue with us ;-)
3) The protagonists of your conversation can be anyone you wish. Fictional or real, the call is yours. If you are using some real names, then make sure that the humour attempted is clean and does not leave the person in bad light. An example of the same would be "Diwali Dhamaka", "Chidiya Udi" and "King of all, Jack on none", where the humour is clean despite using real names. A little leg pulling is fine till we keep it clean and fun. What's lounge without friends and family pulling legs eh? You are completely free to use fictional characters if you feel so.
4) Kindly mention the total lines of your entry below your post
5) If you want to share some background on your story, please mention that at the start of your entry under "Pre-Script" head. These lines would not be counted in the 12 lines. ;-)
6) There will be a "Reader Choice Award" apart from the "Winners" selected by the judges. Details of the same would be shared later.
7) You can post as many enteries as you want here at the lounge. But mail us only the entry which you want us to consider for the competition with your details as a "Microsoft Word Document" at

Send in your entry to with subject as "LOL@Lounge contest"
Laugh out loud...Time for spreading smiles on our lounge...All the best


The Writers Lounge Admin


  1. comes the "BAAP" of all contests.. intresting..
    lookin frward to alot fun..

  2. i accept the challenge !! and if no one laughed on my post, i will break his bones !!

  3. ha ha ha ha ;-)

    no one will dare not to laugh...i am offering monetary compensation for people who will laugh at my takes...plz laugh..1 Re. for everyone who laughs ;-)

    lolz@charzz n prats

  4. or else i will fall down n plead....

    bhagwaan ke naam par has de baba...allah ke naam par has de baba...plzzzzz laugh ;-) ;-) ;-)

  5. i have already contacted my goons to make each of the members read and laugh !! anyway m going to visit everyone's inbox and offer them lucrative deals .. like not to write any more humor if they laugh once .. but then.. if they laugh i might feel confident to write more ;)

  6. WOW... Another contest! Looking forward to a lot of fun!

    All the best to everyone!

  7. yaaaaaaay.. one more contest... all d best everyone.. post ur entries soon.. off to scratch my brains n come up with something now... cheers everyone.. keep laughing!!!

  8. since i have heard prats breaking bones i am laughing on all her posts, her comments and even her nick id and even when someone names her.

    hehe heheh hehee

    I am in too!!!!!!


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