March 21, 2009

Chidiya Udii!!!

Sandeep: Chidiya
Ste: Udi!

Ste: Udi!

Sandeep: Ladki
Ste: Nahi Udi!

Sandeep: Butterfly Udi!
Ste: Udi!

Sandeep:Paper Udi.
Ste: Udi!

Sandeep: Arggg , Ste, tu Cheater hai. Papers don't have wings to fly.

##Lines :12

For those who don't know this game.
The objective of this game is to trick other players into making all kinds of objects fly -- be it people, places or anything inanimate. The name literally means "the bird flies." One player takes the lead in rattling off a list of objects using one' index finger as a representative gesture of flying. The catch is to resist following the leader's action if the object named does not have the power to fly.It is played by a group of players.


  1. that was naughty ;)!!
    but i love this game still !! :)

  2. ste: Chidiya
    sandeep: Udi
    Ste: Plane
    Sandeep: Uda
    Ste: Ste
    Sandeep: Uda
    Ste: you know this game inside out bro...

    ha ha ha ha ;-) ;-) ;-)

  3. hehehehe...
    Awesome.. Felt nostalgic.. Wen we were kids this was one f our favorite and very popular too..:D
    You knw the art to fetch humor out of everythng..gr8..\
    Keep up..

  4. oh yeah charz,prats and sandeep ..lets play chidiya udi hehhehehe

  5. :P woho! my favorite babyhood game.. :P


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