March 21, 2009

Varbal slip

Guy1 : So what did you decide ??
Guy2 : I have tried my best ..
Guy1 : You really want this ?
Guy2 : Ya !! I miss her so much .. Wish she agrees to make out finally...
Guy1 : What ??? what are you talking of ??
Guy2 : Don't you know?? I was talking to be back with my ex-gf!!
Guy1 : you eman make up with her ??
guy2 : ya .. thats what i said .. didn't i ??

and both start laughing realizing that a verbal blunder has been made !!

for people who did not understand it, check the meaning of phrases "making out" and "making up" !!


  1. Good one..
    It does happen that a slip of tongue can result into disastrous meanings..

  2. ha ha ha ha...amazing prats..welcome to the world of micro humour...

    n feels so good...knowing that you had mentioned that you find humour tough...n you just attempted teh toughest form...we are planning something to get all here to try to attempt humour...

  3. @charrzz : yeah .. and its often embarrasing too !

  4. Thats was a good one .. Sometimes it needs an extra brain storming effort to completely grasp certain form of humour :)

  5. This humor happened with me Sandeep !! how can i ever forget this verbal slip of mine !!


    just thought to share it now :)

  6. Thanks for the read Ragpicker !!

  7. Smart Smart Smart... Use of language to create humor... Awesome!

  8. hehehehh i got it.. :) lol ;)

  9. that was realy witty prats..!! lol..

  10. :P

    yeah things can go awfull... or worse if words are misused.... :D

    good one prats, it means...

  11. thanks all for the read !!

    @Kings.. sorry for the typo ;)


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