March 22, 2009


In a congregation, at a small constituency in rural India.

Person1 - There’s been no supply of tomatoes into our town since last week. What is the matter?

Politician- (smiles) I know. I’ll look into it.

Person2- No supply of eggs too. What about that?

Politician- (smiles)I know. I’lll look into it.

Person3- You haven’t visited our constituency since the day you were elected into power. Now, all of a sudden, what makes you come here?

Politician- (smiles) You people are ‘God’ to me. I’ve come here to seek blessings from you. As you know, elections are coming up. Please vote for me.

All the gathered people, with crimson red faces, scanned around themselves in search of anything that could be hurled or pelted.

Politician- (smiles) No tomatoes?? no eggs uh???


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