March 17, 2009

Heads or Tails

Sandeep: "Heads I win, Tails you lose"
Stephen: "Toss the coin dude. Done"
Sandeep: "It's Tails. I won"
Stephen: "Damid. I lose everytime! This time i had trained so hard to win. Next time will defeat you for sure"
Sandeep: "Keep trying. All the best Kanna"


  1. Nice surprise for Ste from the jungles of Chhatisgarh!!!

    Poor thing must have never expected Sandeep to have replied from some dusty village in central India!

    But then, Ste's already acknowledged it: "Sandeep can turn the world upside down!!!"

    What an idea Sirjee!!! ;)

  2. This sentence here:
    Sandeep: "It's Tails. I won"

    I was thinking there is a technical difficulty. I think is should be like this:

    Sandeep: "It's Tails. You Lose"

  3. @neha

    ;-) Everyone is fast asleep in the villagers home i am putting cant utter a word...typing away to glory


    That is just to confuse his already confused mind.

  4. huh ste......expected :P :P

  5. oh yeah wht else cud u do ...u moron.....

    i dont care nw.....

    u made me a superhero,then a joker, a flirt ,a pervert and nw a fool......thanks for all this brother

  6. hehe... ste..!!
    ppl r literally playing wit u man.. hehe :P



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