March 17, 2009


Maybe I’m the fly in the honey
Drenched in its sweetness
Intoxicated by its power
Unable to pull myself free

Maybe I’m the honey
The golden sheen adorning my body
Made to change every other flavour
To the one that’s mine

Maybe I’m the bottle that holds the honey
That keeps it safe and collected
That is otherwise useless
But just so essential

Maybe I’m the man who tastes the honey,
Loves it for what it is,
Comprehends its utility
And loves to see it drip to make the most tantalizing platter of all
Question existing – Which one of these are you?


  1. I'm the one that read your poem first!! *laughs*

    A nice one Sanz ... wish to see you more often here ...

    Hope people answers to your query!

  2. i think i m d fly...i sometimes feel like being trap in world's rule..

    or wait

    i guess i am d honey..i mingle s\fast and with different kind of ppl...

    or i can b d bottle also..

    because teh quality is safe in me the vice and energy is passed on ppl due to me.....

    oh god...even i can b d

    i have a opinion of my own..i love a thing for what i feel it is...and value it as what i feel it deserves...

    ahh ds s confusing...

    i think i m d HONEY BEE....after all d whole process started from here ;)

  3. I think Im the bottle... Simply bcas without you, Im empty and you without me will spill everywhere! :)

    I protect!

  4. I guess I'm the fly in the honey.. always lost in worldy musings which are the honey,.. and the world which is the jar for me..

  5. i am the fly .. not intoxicated by power .. but just trapped willingly in sweetness !! nice one Sanz :) so good to see your write !

  6. Am so glad to see such a thought provoking work :)Keep 'em coming sanz

  7. Firstly, great work... The first time I am reading anything written by you Sanz, and I am so impressed :)

    Well I think I have been the fly for most of the time. And it has affected me in adverse ways more often than not. But as I read this and thought about it. I find it is a gradual change, I am right now, the Man who tastes the honey! You just woke me up to some realization Sanz, thanks!

    Once again, loved your work!

  8. great work.... :) i would be the fly

  9. wow... sanz..this is really impressive work... loved it!!!

    guess i m the fly... the fly suits me !!!

    looking forward to more from ur side...keep writing.. cheers!!!!!

  10. lovely rash, so lovely!

    sanz welcome here :)
    and no doubt a great read!
    I havent discovered who am i.


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