March 17, 2009

All in the Family!!!

Date and Time: 16th March 2009, 10.29 pm to 10.37 pm (8 minutes)

Event: Birthday Party of John

Place: GTalk

Starring: Pretty Prats, Neha, Kajal, Rashi, Vinay and our very own birthday boy, John.

10:29 PM

Prats: hiii
Neha: heylo everyone
Rashi: John you there?
John: yup, hangin on ;)
Prats: 'day boy ??
Neha: wait wait
John: oh my god ;)

10:30 PM

John: no bakras :P
Rashi: Lets start Neha?
Neha: no no
Kajal has joined
Kajal: :)
Prats: so many of us ..
Kajal: yesh

10:31 PM

start singing
happy budday to yoooo
Prats: happy bday to u,....
Neha: happy budday to yooooo
Prats: happy bday to u...
Neha: happy budday dear johnieeeeee
Prats: happy happy bday to u....
Neha: happy budday to yooooo
John: thanku <3 color="#ffff33">John
: :) all smiles...
John: cant stop grinnin...

10:32 PM

Rashi: * you cant hear my voice coz I m supposed to be on the drums*
John: ;)
Neha: yaaays!!!!!!!!
John: full display of teeth :P
Neha: hahahahahah@ rashi
Vinay: johnny wherez my chocolate cake? :P
Rashi: But i'm making noise
Neha: cake
John: guess so rash,
Neha: cake
we want cake
Kajal: :)
Neha: we want cake
John: can hear de drums blastin my ears :P
come here
Rashi: Cake
Neha: now budday bums

10:33 PM

Rashi: I suck at it... But only for you john
John: i got dark chocolate cakes with brownies nd fudge :P
Neha: ooohhhh... wooooowwwwwwww
Kajal: dhamaal dhishkum dhamaal dhishum
Vinay: :D yumm
Rashi: For us??
Prats: m bored of choclate :(
John: yeah for u all
Kajal: na for John
Prats: can u order a pineapple pastry fr me ??
John: wht wud u like prats
anythin for ya
Kajal: i heard b'day bums
John: anythin for all
Rashi: Ok I will have prats’ share
Neha: yes yesh

10:34 PM

Rashi: :P
John: enough bday bums
John: yeah sure prats
Kajal: heheehehee
hugs to Biday Boy
Neha: yes yes... everyone HUG
Vinay: bums to birthday boy
Neha: everyone falls over budday boy
poor johnie is trapped

10:35 PM

Vinay: haha...!
John: <3>Neha: hahahahahaha
Prats: :d
John: wht can i do :P
Rashi: I wont fall on you, promise... I will never want yr bday to be the day you break yr ribs
John: u ppl ve been so kind
Kajal: yeaaaaaaaaaaah
John: thank u rash
had fun doc
Rashi: :D :D
It aint my bday but me grinning like a moron
Neha: hope u liked our little surprise
Neha: me toooo grinning

10:37 PM

John: i'm enjoyin every moment of it Neha, Rashi, Prats, Vinay
and Kaju
i love kaju katris by the way :P
Kajal: kaju
me loves this name..
John: thanks for de gala time

PS: Dear WL Family, we all got together last night for this impromptu birthday party of our very own John. It really felt as though it was a family celebration. Hence, I thought we should share this with the rest of you all as well. We all enjoyed it immensely! I request admin to compile a list of gmail IDs of all family members so that we all can add each other on GTalk and get together online for more of such celebrations! WL will ensure that each of it's members has a gala party, signature WL ishtyle! What say everyone? :)


  1. hey no one tells me about this
    iam also online at that time
    tum log nahi chahte hai ke me aau party mai

    iam not happy from you people

  2. Wow.!
    Such a warm and heartfelt post.
    I felt as if even I was amidst you all,while reading it.

    This would be a memorable read,undoubtedly!!

  3. @ Chirag

    Kaneez ki gustaakhi maaf kar dijiye! ;)

    Tumhara naam mere GTalk ke friend list mein nahi hai isliye tumhe main invite nahi kar paayi. Tumhara GTalk ID is comments thread mein post kar do. We will ensure that you don't get any chance to complain in future!

    A lot of WL people were not there... we just got together randomly. No offense to anyone who was not invited! Everyone's invited to all of these parties!

    Hope you understand Chirag!

  4. @ Mohita

    The best part about this while thing was that it was completely impromptu! And I guess we all took John completely by surprise!

    Glad you enjoyed the read! Leave us your GTalk ID so that we can invite you for the next celebration!

    So, where's the party tonight? ;)

  5. @neha tumhare pass nahi tha but baki jo the unake pass to tha
    uname se kisi ko yaad nahi aayi hamari

    khair chodo
    me bas yahi manta hu ke jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai

  6. i was also ol at that time :( :(
    i missed it...sob sob

  7. No! No! Neither Chirag nor Heena were online... Both of you on my list and I can say that... I did add people... :(

  8. @rashi
    iam online at that time
    now lets leave it
    may be its not in my luck

  9. lol.. maybe next time ;)

    WOW! so hell amazing :D
    every day my love for it and you all increases :D

  10. ohh it was fun !!! n John also told that he will b in blore next week or later... so all ya blore buddies, get ready !!

  11. @chirag and heena

    sorry folks, it was a surprise for me too ;)

  12. @prats

    ur callin all blore ppl,

    no bday bums

    hehehe..oh yeah..wud luv to meet u all together :)

  13. Neha, thanks a lot for sharing this, i'm awed at de time u took for ordering and colouring tis post, wit write ups,de font colours,time et cetra

    *****gives ya a bear hug******

    thank u all, u did make me feel so special,

    All those present who are part of this lounge, its only and only because of YOU :) :) :)

  14. Nothing is Impossible as WL...
    though I missed all the fun coz i left midway coz of the project... but now i enjoyed it..
    :D Birthday was so so so good!!

  15. ya rashi i normally b invisible during n8 due to study...ll bug u now even if i m invisible 4m nw onwards :P ....

    don wanna miss any more party :(

  16. Supercool idea Neha...



  17. Oh he he guess am the last person to comment ;):D but thats okay kings wont mind ;)Wish i were there too

  18. i had my exams ...and vaise i quit coming online late nites.........good u guys had a blast :p

  19. hw dare u celebrate a birthday party without the superhero

  20. @ Gulshan

    Apologies for replying so late!!

    Try and be visible on GTalk so one of us can invite you!

    And there's a lot of birthday parties in store gurl!


  21. @ Chirag

    Dude... ab aur shikayat mat karo yaar! I promise you'll be with for all teh subsequent parties!


  22. @ Asbah

    U said it gurl! The love keeps growing... what still amazes me is the kind of bonding WL has created between people living so far apart... it's brilliant!


  23. @ Pretty Me

    Sure gurl, it was FUN! And hope u guyz in B'lore have fun and miss us!! :)

  24. @ Kings

    Bear-hug back!

    Thanks for all the kind words dude!

    What totally made my day is the fact that you acknowledged this effort on your blog as well, in the 100 things in your tag! Means a lot to all of us!

    Let us all be there for each other just like this... gives me a reason to smile and a home away from home! :)

  25. @ Kaju

    Thanks dear... mera saath dene ke liye! I'd thought my idea is stupid... didn't expect it to be such a hit!

    United we stand! :)

  26. @ Aarthi


    Yaays!!! M glad you liked my idea!!!

    12th January is still a long way to go though!! ;)

  27. @ Nan

    Sure Kings won't mind... and the next time gurl, u r gonna be with us all playing the drums instead of Rashi!


  28. @ Ste

    Good luck for ur exams, if that's not already over!

    Next time try n join us all!

    In fact, let's make this a WL tradition! Wat say Mr. Admin?


  29. @ StepMAN

    You were busy saving a girl from some rogues who were teasing her! I had tried calling you.

    I realize you have much more things to do. After all, with greta power comes great responsibility... and some side effects!

    This is just one of the side effects I guess... ;)

  30. @ kings...

    belated happy bday kings..!!!! sorry cudnt b there to wish u... anyway... hve a great year ahead.. !!!

    great idea lounge members... keep it up!!


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