March 25, 2009


* Pre-script
Tan, a passionate traveler visits a new town. After a long and tiring train journey he reaches the nearest railway station. The railway station is far from the main town and he keeps on asking people on the road about the exact route and moves on. After walking for some time, he meets an old man sitting in the corner of the road. This is how they conversed…

Tan: Greetings, Old Man. How long will it take for me to reach Haridaspur?

Old man with a beedi in hand and a big turban on his head does not respond.

Tan (louder): Greetings, Sir. How long will it take to reach Haridaspur?

Old man looks at him from head to toe and gets back to smoke his beedi. Tan looks around to see if there is anyone else whom he can ask, but there was no one.

Tan (frustrated, at top of his voice): Sir, may I know how long it will take for me to get to Haridaspur?

Old man unmoved and Tan moves on the road resentfully thinking why God has been so rude to him today. After a few steps, the Old Man called him from behind.

Old Man: Oh my boy, it will take you approximately 25 minutes to reach Haridashpur from here.

Tan whizzed to the old man very furiously.

Tan: Why Old Man? When I was shouting at the top of my voice, you did not respond. Now, what made you call me?

Old Man: My boy, when you were standing here, I never knew how you intend to reach the place. Now that I’ve seen you walking, I know your speed and can tell that if you walk like this, you will reach in approximately 25 minutes.

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  1. Hey mates, Please read my other Entry - Conference and let me know how you liked it. I would send any of the two to the Admins for considering for the Contest. Let me know which one should I send.

    Hope to get your help in choosing properly this time.


  2. hey tan..
    fr the contest I thnk u shud send ths one..I fond ths one more funny as compared to the previous one..:D
    but both f thm are very goood


  3. kudos! send this one...:D

  4. Both were really good... But this was more dhamkedhaar.... :P... Old ppl and their wisdom :P

    funny write tan :P

  5. That was another innovative attempt :)

  6. he he.....lolz...
    the old man is very good at physics and maths..... :D

  7. *confused*

    no he was very bad at memory
    pehlay 25 kaha phir 30 : S??

  8. Tan another achievement for you. very funny indeed.. well done.

  9. Well then, I will send this one for the Contest... Hope your wishes will do the trick this time .. hehehe ...

    Thanks for the read mates :)


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