March 21, 2009

Everyone Can Fly!

* Pre-Script: For those who are unaware of the game "Chidiya Udi" please click here. Stephen has explained the game beautifully there. For the lazy souls, a snapshot of the game:
The objective of this game is to trick other players into making all kinds of objects fly -- be it people, places or anything inanimate. The name literally means "the bird flies." One player takes the lead in rattling off a list of objects using one' index finger as a representative gesture of flying. The catch is to resist following the leader's action if the object named does not have the power to fly.It is played by a group of players.
Sandeep: Chidiya
Ste: Udi
Sandeep: Plane
Ste: Uda
Sandeep: Kabootar
Ste: Udi
Sandeep: Sandeep
Ste: Nahi Uda
Sandeep: Ste
Ste: Nahi Uda
*Looks at him threateningly and cracks his knuckles*
Ste: Udd gayaaa!!

# Total lines: 12


  1. Lol... thats so funny!!! Lol...
    Sandeep...u did it again!


  2. this was the best !!! i am still laughing :D

  3. Bull's Eye..
    hahahahaha....Rolling wid laughter..:D

  4. lol !!

    i grew up playing this game with mom :D

  5. lol peace guys .. stibu why da? yen da? ste can't fly.. no matter what happens.. :)


  6. Lovely, and humourous :)

    I remember playing this game with my little fingers with Mummyjaan, when I was a little impatient kid..... (imapatient, I am still :P )


    NIce write :)



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