March 31, 2009

Birthday treat ???!!!

Dear Loungers...
I have recounted the things that actually happened on Sandy's birthday! Sandy may try to refute what has been said here; unfortunately, you all just gotta decide whom to trust! I apologize for not posting these separately... it all just had to be together for the impact!

Pre-script: Sandeep promised Neha a treat on his birthday. So, they plan to meet at Cafe Coffee Day. Neha had reached, and Sandeep had called up from the way to inquire about the ATMs nearby. Finally, Sandeep arrives.
Sandeep: Hi Neha.
Neha: Hi daa... why were you asking me about the ATMs nearby on the phone?
Sandeep: That's because I have only Rs. 20 in my wallet.
Neha: (Shocked) And you are going to give me a treat for your birthday?!
Sandeep: (Grins shamelessly)...
(5 lines)

Pre-script: In continuation of the previous post...
Neha: Rs. 20? That's it? The coffee that I've ordered itself costs Rs. 52. What about the stuff that you are going to order?
Sandeep: Oh, didn't I tell you that I always fast on my birthday? Saatwik jeevan...
(Looks around)
Sandeep: Hey, they must be accepting credit cards here. I may be a pauper when it comes to cash, but credit ka toh apun abhi bhi baadshah hai... panditji ke dhaabe pe toh credit ka record bana diya thha maine!
Neha: (shrugs her shoulders)
Sandeep: (signals to the waiter) Do you accept credit cards here?
Waiter: Sorry sir...
Sandeep: (with a crest-fallen face) Neha, you heard him... can I borrow Rs. 32 from you?
Neha: Why Rs. 32... that's such an odd figure?
Sandeep: I may not have enough cash to pay for your coffee... but I still have my dignity... and Rs. 20 cash. So, Rs. 32... balance!
(9 lines)

Pre-script: In continuation of the previous post...
Neha: Listen daa, I'll pay today. You can throw us all a party some other time. Come on now, call for something for yourself.
Sandeep: (face lightens up; grabs menu, searches, and calls the waiter) one Kaapi Nirvana for me....
Neha: Hey, that's the most expensive cuppa coffee here!
Sandeep: YOU are paying, right? (winks shamelessly)
Neha: (helplessly looks around)
(5 lines)

Pre-script: In continuation of the previous post...
Waiter gets the coffees. Both have it.
Sandeep: Waiter, get us the check... Arey Neha, dekh kya rahi hai... cash nikal! (winks naughtily)
Neha: (sad)
Waiter: Sir, here's your check. Our swiping machine is working fine now. You can pay by credit card. May I take your card?
Neha: (face lightens up) oh sure, sure... Sandeep...
Sandeep: (frowns) ...
(6 lines)

Pre-script: In continuation of the previous post...
Waiter: Sir, your card cannot be swiped. It's over-drawn. May I have another card or cash?
Sandeep: (shamelessly) Neha, please do the honors. (turns to waiter) you know, I give my money and cards to her for keeping them safely. She's my "headstrong boss."
Neha: Yeah, right! (turns to waiter) Here, take the cash. (turns to Sandeep) Who will keep the money for the tip?
Sandeep: Tu mujhe tip de de... rickshaw-waale ko dene ke kaam aayenge. Nahi to woh m,ujhe pakadkar maarega. Kahega "bada sahab bana firta hai... jeb mein to phooti kaudi tak nahi hai!"
Neha: Okay. I'll pay for the tip. But you don't even have enough money for a ride back! What are you going to do?
Sandeep: Bas... bahut ho gaya! Ab main aur insult bardaasht nahi kar sakta... I will withdraw some money from the ATM nearby.
Neha: Which ATM? You have an account in a different bank. You can't just look at the heavens and ask for money expecting it to fall as rain from the skies! Nonsense! Here... take Rs. 100. Return it to me later.
Sandeep: See, I knew it. With you around, I am safe. You are so protective. I have even said that about you in my interview!
Neha: (disgusted) can we leave now?
(9 lines)

Pre-script: In conitnuation of the previous post...
Both get up to leave.
Sandeep: Aah, lady, like a chivalrous generous man, let me escort you to a rickshaw now. Come, after you!
Neha: Ayyo kaduvalle... Your birthday treat, but I pay the bill. I even tip the waiter! Then, turns out, you don't even have the money for a ride back. I lend you money for that! And now, your chivalry is bubbling... Nonsense!
Sandeep: Hehehe... en vazhi, thani vazhi...
Neha: (is too dazed to say anything) ...
(5 lines)


  1. :P :P :P :P

    wish i had friend like that toooo :D

    nice one neha..... that was mega serial type MH...anyways enjoyed reading thro... sandeo is as quirky as ever... superb...bravo...bravo... @neha buy me a cuppa too :P

  2. sandeo.... guess u wud be laughin tis off.. dnt worry... me tooo wud come in ur typesss oly :P:P:P ;)

  3. Who am i? Where am i? Who is this? Mummmmyyyyyyyyyy!

    :-) :-)

    Praan jaaye par shaan naa jaaye :-)

  4. hehehe hahaha...
    nice one..
    sandy bro..ur goodwill is deteriorating..give the gal a good treat now...n write bout ur experience here :P

  5. parde main rehne dooooo...parda naa uthaao...parda jo uth gaya tohh...bhed khul jaayega!!

    ;-) :-)

  6. hehehe.... Neha is such a protective girl.. hehe

    Nice one.. :) Sandeep bhai.. I have Rs. 10 in my pocket... want it??? :P


  7. hilarious one neha..

    seems like sandeep gave you a tough time

  8. @ Kings

    This was the most hilarious birthday "treat" ever... coz I ended up paying for myself and for the birthday boy!

    Dare you come without money when we go out for a cuppa!!!


  9. @ Kings

    Sandy will laugh this off... surely... he was grinning even on that day... and I was feeling awkward... for no fault of mine!


  10. @ Kaju

    Yeh koi chhupnewaalon mein se nahi hai... he will keep grinning... in public... hum sab ko chhupna padega!


  11. @ Hashan...


    Now I can laugh about it, but that day, it was super annoying!


  12. @ Sandy

    True dude... Mere jaise bakron ke rehte tere praan and shaan ko kuch nahi ho sakta!


  13. @ Nav

    Thnx dude! Sandy... u listenin ?!?!? :D

    Oh, btw, Nav, his "good" treat will also turn out to be as jilarious as this one I bet! It's Sandy yaar!

  14. @ Sandy

    Abey, tere aur kya bhed khulne baaki hain? Saare parde uth gaye!!! Ab kisi ko bhi tere saath date ya treat pe chalne se pehle 100 times sochna padega ki kitne ka phatka lagne waala hai? Aur kise lagne waala hai!


  15. @ RJ

    Give.. give Rs. 10 to Sandy! He needs money to pay the rickshaw walla! Nahi to bechara pit jayega rickshaw walle ke haathon!


  16. @ Aparna

    You said it gurl! He did give me a tough time. Worse still, I could not say anything to him because it was his birthday! Smart fella na?

    This is a warning to all gurls... whenever you go out with guys, please have some money on you. If the guy turns out to be like Sandy, you may have to really do the dishes or spend a night in a lock-up!

  17. Neha, so nice of you, you're truly protective too :P :D

    with you around, why need to worry :D ;) :D

  18. its the first thing i read on lounge today... infact after long time i read lounge and laughed my heart out !! too awesome !!

  19. @ Pretty

    Laugh all you want gurl.. until Sandy takes you out for a birthday treat!

    But that's Sandy for you!



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